University at Monotone Hill

pressStudent update:

I’m in mid-semester taking a United States history course for an American pluralism, “gen-ed” credit. I’m assigned to read 50 pages every “other night” then take a short-answer quiz comprised of 35 questions. I feel this class evokes everything wrong with the traditional teaching and learning curriculum. I learned that, professors have already read the assigned readings, days before class. I also believe few professors can articulate theory in modern-day context.

In any case, my homework assignment for the weekend is to research and interview school officials, second-wave-feminist and the general public. After the last interview, I should be able to trace the relationship between historical fact and public opinion. Hey fellow-journalism students, does this sound familiar?

Let’s take a look at my weekly planner:

-Apple Interview at 10:30am
-Find 5 people to interview for class
-Find another 5 people to interview for class
-Write 2 papers (Journalism and History)
-Start your portfolio

In spite of my last pre-employment interview at Apple Inc, I have 10 interviews this week.

I have to admit that taking an intro to journalism class has helped my overall academic performance. I find in- class exercises to be tremendously effective. From writing leads on-the spot to interviewing our neighbor.

You see, journalism is like playing high school detective. The trick to identifying underlying causes can be found within your resources; however, attaining personal written accounts is the catch.

My history class is in no shape to be running an interview, in partly, because the course is a poor excuse for a learning habitat. And because my fellow students shared their frustration too, I shared some learned, hints, tips and signals in basic interviewing.

I know, I am not the only student out here, juggling a tape recorder and a memo pad. If anyone would like to share any ideas, expieriences, tips and hints, too,  I would love to read them.


3 responses to “University at Monotone Hill

  1. I can’t read your post!

  2. Content: 4 Great idea to discuss how the lessons from journalism apply to other subjects. No matter what you do in life, basic journalism skills will prove useful. Glad, too, that you are sharing your knowledge with classmates in history. After all, journalism is often defined as the first draft of history.
    Links: 3 Good. The ethics one kept me reading.
    Grammar: 2 This is your best post yet, but you are still making errors in punctuation. Also, at times your thoughts jumped from one thought to the next and I couldn’t follow you. Go back and reread the post and see if you understand what I mean.

    Also, this sentence throws me completely:
    In spite of my last pre-employment interview at Apple Inc, I have 10 interviews this week.

    What does your interview at Apple have to do with the 10 interviews? I don’t see the link. If there is no link, don’t connect them with “in spite of.” It confuses the reader.

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