Where’s the playlist?

Last week’s Wednesday issue of The Spectrum, UB’s school newspaper, seemed an article slimmer than in many Wednesdays past.

The weekly playlist has long been a staple in the Spectrum’s weekly repertoire.  Although silly and childish at times, a school newspaper needs those columns to make the student body chuckle if only for a moment during the long Buffalo winters.  As the weather grew colder on campus, I was left without a laugh on Wednesday afternoon when I picked up my copy.

This got me to thinking, what if suddenly a major newspaper were to remove a major weekly column simply because it wasn’t deemed necessary anymore?  Obviously the example of a playlist in The Spectrum is fluff that can be removed to make room for more hard news.  But people don’t ALWAYS read the paper for that kind of content.  Some pick up a copy here and there just to do the crossword.

I guess the point I’m making is a point of query.  I’d like to know other people’s opinion on what sections of their favorite paper they simply couldn’t go without.  I’m sure many couldn’t go without their Sunday New York Times for what many consider the most challenging crossword of all.  Many upstaters can’t be stripped of their weekly “five star” difficulty Sudoku in The Post Standard.  Me personally, I want the playlist in The Spectrum.


One response to “Where’s the playlist?

  1. Geoff — Great point. Let’s ask in class on Thursday. It might take too much time to hear all the answers, but we could start and then ask for everyone to comment on the blog. I’d like to know, too.
    Mine are: NYT Book Review, Economist Week in Review and the New Yorker’s Going on About Town which is a listing of all the events in NYC for the week. It’s irrational. I can’t (usually) go, but I read it every week. I have more online, but those are the first that come to mind.

    Content: 4 Great idea, good connection to the class, good way to encourage others to respond.
    Links: 2 These links are flimsy. How about finding bloggers who talk about things they can’t live without. Is the playlist online? If so, you should link to it.
    Grammar: 3

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