Is Media Bias Inevitable?

Bill O'Reilly vs. Barney Frank

Bill O'Reilly vs. Barney Frank

by Carrie Maldovan

Jim Militello gave me something very important to think about. Being a journalist means reporting in a completely unbiased way. Now, I don’t mean that I didn’t know that before. The way he described it simply made it resound more to me then it ever has. Militello said “nobody cares about your oppinion.” This is a really bold statement and I think it is completely true when it comes to journalism.  If anyone cared what we thought, we would be the ones being interviewed. Ironically, this weekend my boyfriend showed me a YouTube video of Bill O’Reilly’s ridiculous interview with Massachusetts Representative, Barney Frank, from last year.  In this interview, O’Reilly continuously cuts Frank off, badgers him then refuses to let him answer and actually yells at him.  This cannot be journalism.  The act of interviewing people with opposing views from the network is becoming a sensationalized mess. Yet, people tune in daily to watch Bill O’Reilly or Glenn Beck (on the Fox News Network) as they “interview” different people and it becomes, really, an interview of themselves. The sad fact is that people are now seeing these interviews and assuming that what the interviewer says are facts. Therefore, O’Reilly’s oppinion, in the afforementioned interview, became much more important than the facts that Frank was trying to make clear.  In one video, Glenn Beck admits that he is not even a journalist and he has never claimed to be one. I think that maybe each show should start with that statement so more of the American public understands that he is a “political commentator” and his words are opinions and NOT facts. I’m not accusing Fox News as being the only biased media out there. CNN is just as guilty or reporting with a liberal bias. This is, perhaps, even more dangerous because most of the shows on this network are considered to be “news” even though they are saturated with opinions. I guess because  bias is so inbred in American news media it is stupid to think it will ever disappear. So what should the American public do? One must assume that not everyone is as savvy about the media as we have become through taking this class, so what about them?  I, personally, think that newscasters who are biased in their news stories should not be considered journalists. I think that is unfair for the public, who want to learn the facts, to be bombarded with opinions. I also think that if a newscaster wants to be outwardly biased they can do that because there is definitely a market for it, but it should be well represented as something other than news.


One response to “Is Media Bias Inevitable?

  1. Content: 4 Great, great post Carrie. Brilliant. You are asking all the right questions and finding answers.
    Bias is a dicey issue. Some assert objectivity is impossible. For them, any choice of what to research, report and write, shows bias. They therefore advocate trashing the whole idea of objectivity and admitting everything is biased.
    It’s a tough argument to win, but an excellent dialogue to have.
    Links: 3 Loved the media bias video. Thanks for leading me there.
    Grammar: 3 We can still work to eliminate clutter from your writing, but I didn’t notice any cliches!!

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