Silence is golden?

By: Jennifer Mogensen

Some say it is a great quality to posses and some say it is a curse. In either case, I just can’t shut-up.

Since I was a child, I never had a problem with public speaking. I was never embarrassed to express myself. My parents often had to remind me to give others a turn in conversations.

I love words. I love to talk. I love to be expressive.

I starred in every school play. I was the lead speaker of my high school debate team and honor society. The larger the audience, the more I liked it. No fear here! My newest venture takes me into live broadcasting. Watch out!

So, the quandary?

How do I give others a turn?

I attended the University of Buffalo back in the early 1990’s and I majored in linguistics. Perfect! I can, or at least used to, speak four languages. Here I am again, in yet another field that allows me to use my voice.

This class, as well as the other four courses I am currently taking beg for participation. It is part of the grade. I love to participate. Do you?

When a professor asks a question, my hand goes up before I even formulate my answer. I love to converse but don’t you want your turn?  After all, we are all students striving to learn.

Silence makes me uncomfortable, so I talk.  Perhaps I talk too much.

Consider this an apology and by all means, interrupt me!


One response to “Silence is golden?

  1. Content: 4 I liked this post. The writing is lovely. It’s not really related to journalism, but you did pull the class in, so I gave you the points.

    Talking is good for a journalist of course, but participating can be tricky. Sometimes the best journalists are the quiet ones, the ones who know how to listen. But Tom Wolfe wasn’t quiet. Neither was Jimmy Breslin or Gay Talese. So maybe you don’t have to be either.

    Links: 2 This link is close to a year old, so it loses some value. Plus, I don’t understand what you are saying in the post. You say your newest venture is broadcast — did you make the video? But you are the one being interviewed. You organized the event. It’s confusing.

    If you are going into broadcast — bravo! These are the skills you need. I’m trying to get a broadcast class put together for UB. It’s not easy.

    Grammar: 3 Lovely writing, as I said. Great rhythm. You move from short to long sentences well and have a natural sense of pace. Keep it up.

    It is

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