The Cliche Addict

By Carrie

I love cliches.

Its as simple as that. This will, apparently, be my downfall.  Cliches, in the journalism world, clichesare to be avoided at all costs. Generally, cliches in any world are treated in that same way. Why is it that cliches have become abominable? Why can’t they be embraced by writers, instead of being rejected?

A cliche is defined as “a trite, stereotyped expression.” But how do we determine what is and is not a  cliche? Who decides whether a word of phrase has become trite and stereotyped as opposed to just being a useful metaphor or simile? I understand that reading something that sounds like regurgitated nonsense is not only boring, but not worth reading at all. However, I think the occasional cliche, that isn’t overtly obvious, is something that readers everywhere find easy to understand. Apparently, those people who write the rules disagree.

I imagine I will wrestle with this cliche addiction for my entire career as a journalist. At least I am not alone. Some people’s love for cliches is enough to make them create cliche generators to get just the right painfully overused phrase- I’m sure Jody’s cringing at that idea. I suppose I’ll just have to work very hard to wean myself away from them. Or maybe, if I’m lucky, someone will reasses what is and is not considered to be a cliche. However, I doubt I’ll be that lucky.


2 responses to “The Cliche Addict

  1. Content: 4 Ha! you made me laugh, which definitely gets full points. Great way to post frustrations and your silent love affair with cliches. Bring a few in to me someday and we’ll rewrite them. Perhaps then you will see why they are trite and dull.
    Links: 3 Loved the Cliches Wrule site.
    Grammar: 3 Did you include those cliches in the first paragraph on purpose or is it just your hopeless addiction?

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