Paula’s Donuts

I am a stereotype.  As a Long Islander, I tend toPaula's Donuts be very picky about my bagels.  For my first 3 years in Buffalo, I had no car, and therefore could only look to campus and Main Street to get my favorite delicacy.  This meant Tim Horton, Dunkin’ Donuts, and Campus Cafe.  Not what I would call a nice selection.

For my senior year I have finally gotten a car and moved off campus. This has opened up a whole new world for me; in terms of food anyway.  One of the first things I did when I got to school this year was to drive around aimlessly and check out all of the local food places that I have never been to before.  While on this quest, I was driving along Kenmore Ave and found Paula’s Donuts, aka my new Heaven.

It is not the fanciest place in Buffalo, in fact it looks very similar to the inside of the Coffee Shop from Seinfeld.  Behind the counter there are racks laid out simliar to that at either Tim Hortons, or Dunkin’ Donuts, but with a greater selection.  Donuts with creme, chocolate creme, jelly, chocolate donuts with peanuts on the outside…the list goes on.  Sure there are the old favorites, but the variety is what catches your eye.

Among the other pastries and baked goods, Paula’s has a small row of bagels; just what I was looking for.  Now for the bagels, the variety isn’t as big as the donuts, but it doesn’t need to be.  These fresh baked bagels are served slightly toasted; just enough to bring the outside to a perfect crisp while leaving the inside nice and chewy.  They don’t get fancy with special toppings to cover up the taste of their creation, just butter and creme cheese.  These are the closest Buffalo has to offer to a genuine New York Bagel.

Along with their great bagels and donuts, Paula’s offers coffee that tastes great and is very reasonably priced.  They again don’t have the fancy bells and whistles like you would get at Starbucks, but they don’t need it.  The coffee with a little creme and sugar tastes delightful and gives you that nice little caffeine boost to get you through the day.

My first experience with the coffee was last week while pulling an all nighter.  I had just finished my paper and it was about 4:30am; I didn’t want Tim Horton’s, so I decided to see if Paula’s was open.  Sure enough they open their doors at 4am, and I went in and got a bagel with creme cheese and coffee for $2.95, sat down and read over my work.  There was no better way for me to end the night and begin the day.

So if you are interested in a good bagel, donut, and/or coffee, I highly reccommend you take a ride over toe the corner of Kenmore and Englewood and check out Paula’s Donuts.


One response to “Paula’s Donuts

  1. Content: 2 I’m being generous here, but am using this as a warning. It’s great to learn about your passion for donuts, but blog posts have to relate to journalism. You can: find bloggers who talk about donuts and critique their sites, compare the Web sites of various donut shops, describe how eating donuts helps you write — whatever, but it has to link to journalism. Next time there is no journalism link, I will give you 0 content points.

    Links: 1 These links are dull and hold little value for a reader. There are many more interesting sites about donuts out there, I’m sure. It’s your job to find them.
    Grammar: 1 Sloppy, sloppy. Do you realize you wrote Tim Hortons three times three different ways? If you get the little facts wrong, your reader won’t trust you to get the big facts right.

    Lots of other punctuation errors sprinkled throughout. Review the uses of a semi-colon. You seem to not understand properly (you used one three times, only once correctly)

    For instance: For my senior year(HERE YOU NEED A COMMA) I have finally (DON”T NEED FINALLY) gotten a car and moved off campus. This has opened up a whole new world for me (CLICHE) ;(HERE YOU COULD USE A DASH OR A COMMA, BUT NOT A SEMI COLON) in terms of food anyway.

    You do have a natural sense of the rhythm of language. Your sentences (although not well constructed) flow nicely. That’s not easy to do. Use this gift. Cultivate it. Take more time to write and edit your posts.

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