Blogging Everywhere!

I considered myself an internet, computer, and technology savvy person but as soon as we started talking about blogs, I found myself somewhat lost.  Then I recently looked at the sites I visit at on a daily basis for fun and little did I know, they were blogs too!

My favorite thing to do is skateboard, some may even see me come into class riding one.  I even work at a skateboard shop in Tonawanda called Phatman.  Skateboarding videos have been a popular item for companies to produce because if a they have great riders, you are more likely to buy their product and so on.  But since these productions now take up to several years to produce, kids were not getting exposed to pros for expanded periods of time.

In 2007 a few pro-skater friends, Steve Berra and Eric Koston, decided to open a private skate park for themselves and their pro friends to skate worry free from cops and other distractions of the streets.  The combination of their names Berra and Eric spawned this new park as “The Berrics“.  They decided that they should be sharing their amazing skate park, and the friends that ride it, to the public via a video-blog based website.

Now on a daily basis you can see new videos from pros who visit “The Berrics” in several different forms.  They may be reading text messages from fans on a weekly segment “Text Yo Self Beefo Yo Wreck Yoself” or even showing you the next big trick on “Trickipedia Tuesdays” .

I now visit The Berrics on a daily basis, and it was so fun that I didn’t even think of it as a blog.


One response to “Blogging Everywhere!

  1. Ryan,
    Until I saw you the other day, I thought you had dropped the class. What is going on? You need to show up and do the assignments, otherwise it won’t be good come grade time.
    Content: 3 Good topic. Welcome to the world of blogging. Or rather, welcome to the knowledge that you were already there. I’d like to see a little more info on blogging, what you like and don’t like, how blogs are used to connect skaters etc. The blog is about journalism so the post has to focus on topics we are covering or of interest to journalists/journalism students. You say you didn’t realize what you were reading were blogs. What did you think they were?
    Links: 3 Good. Would never have found these on my own.
    Grammar: 1 Your piece is full of errors — words that shouldn’t be there, misspelled words, run-on sentences, missing commas. Are you careless or do you need help with grammar? I’d be happy to meet with you to review.
    Also, you jump from your discovery of blogs to skateboard videos without a transition. Then you move to Eric and Steve. I don’t follow your thought process. You need to guide your reader. Again, I’d be happy to work on this with you.

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