A Sad State of Affairs

Marshawn Lynch hangs his head during Sunday's debacle.

Marshawn Lynch hangs his head during Sunday's debacle.

The Buffalo Bills are leaning over the Peace Bridge, contemplating taking that leap, and no one is trying to save them.

Buffalo News’ sports columnist, Jerry Sullivan called the teams’ most recent 38-10 loss at the hands of the rival Miami Dolphins, “the worst defeat of the entire Dick Jauron era in Buffalo.”

While watching the game on Sunday, I caught glimpses of players like outspoken wide receiver, Terrell Owens, hanging his head on the sideline. The entire team looked hopeless and helpless against the Dolphins, who hadn’t won a game yet this year before their date with Buffalo.

For those who follow the Bills, they know this wasn’t just a bad game, but instead just another installment of an embarrassing performance by a team whose leader is one of the dullest, most inept coaches in the league. In his fourth year with the Bills, Dick Jauron has coached his way to three losing seasons, yet somehow he earned a three-year, $9 million contract extension last season.

Even the most casual of football fan will find themselves scratching their head and asking how this makes any sense. Well, it doesn’t.

Bills fans and the city of Buffalo deserve better than a team that operates backwards. In the offseason, management traded away a star offensive lineman they were unwilling to pay, yet gave an accomplished loser coach millions of dollars. It is apparent to the common eye that there are many things wrong with this organization, starting with the owner, Ralph Wilson, and trickling all the way down to the players.

With the glooming threat of the beloved franchise moving to Canada, this organization is at the brink of extinction, and there is no one, except journalists and fans that have the power to demand some change. Any change for this team is not going to initiate from within the organization. It is a stagnate, non-inspiring, collect-your-paycheck atmosphere that will never bring the Bills to greatness again.

The future of this franchise lies heavily on the shoulders of those who love the team. The fans must have their voices heard through protest, websites, blogs, letters, newspaper or any means necessary. It is up to us to save this team from going off the deep end, and as the best fans in the NFL, it is time for us to demand what we deserve: winners.


One response to “A Sad State of Affairs

  1. Content: 3 Good general post, but still a borderline link to journalism. You won all the points at the end for finding a tiny thread to journalism. You could do more, though. Show me more bloggers dedicated to the Bills. Show me what journalists are saying about the Bills. Show me how that affects fans. Show me which Web sites work and which ones don’t and why. Get it?
    Links: 3 Liked the last link the best. The others only have minimal value. Still, for a first-time blogger, you are doing great.
    Grammar: 3 You’ve still got lots of cliches weighing down your piece. Still, your writing is strong here, so I will be forgiving.

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