At a Loss For Words

baby bunny


Every week I sit down and think about what I am going to blog about next.  I try to think of something funny or interesting that happened over the past week and…nothing.

This week, in search of something, I stumbled upon some pretty weird things.  I found a lizard that looked like Spiderman, the drawing of an ancient squid using its own 150 million-year-old ink, and a plant in the Philippines that eats rats!

It must be pretty difficult to come up with things to blog about on a regular basis.  I wonder how it is that most bloggers go about finding new content.  Everyone is guilty of perusing and wasting time in cyberspace.  Websites like StumbleUpon or Delicious provide people with hours of entertainment searching through blogs and websites that focus on out of the ordinary and frivolous things.

These sites, and others like them, must generate a lot of inspiration within the online community.  Even if they simply encourage you to share a a strange happening of your own.  If you Google it, I’m sure you could find that you are not alone.

For instance, while walking through a field on campus the other day, I stepped on a baby rabbit.  It screamed and scampered off into the distance.  I was flabbergasted.  How on earth does a baby bunny and a human foot collide?

Curious about the well-being of the bunny and my own fortune, I did in fact Google “stepping on a baby bunny.”  The results did not yield anything very interesting besides one forum that determined it does in fact kill the bunny.  How bizarre?  I just hope it doesn’t bring me seven years bad luck or something to that effect.


One response to “At a Loss For Words

  1. Content: 3
    Not bad for someone with no ideas. Yes, one of the intended lessons of this blog is that blogging is work. It’s not just posting whatever happened to you during the week. Good bloggers post 3-4 times a week and struggle to keep their content fresh.
    The good news is that the Web and the world brims with fodder for blogging. Here, you could look at what other people write about blogging — advice for bloggers on finding material or advice for writer’s block, or or or…
    Still, you could have given this post more meat by looking at news stories/news broadcasts and see if you can tell when the editors/reporters were getting desperate. Sometimes editors do assign stories just to fill space/time. Or you could look at a blogger you like and figure out where he/she gets ideas. Or you could give yourself an allotted time period and see how many new ideas you can find online. That would be fun.

    Links: 2 The nothing blog was weird. Never seen that before. Delicious and Stumble Upon are not worth linking to as they are known by most people. You could link to sites for people with writer’s block or lists of tips for bloggers or such. THAT would have value for a reader.

    Grammar: 3 You are a good writer, but you include too much clutter in your prose. Take your first graph. Try to make it into one short sentence. Read carefully this week’s reading assignment.

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