UB Fugdamentals of Journalfug

By Keeley Sheehan

Before you leave the house, ask yourself, "Is this fab or fug?"

Before you leave the house, ask yourself, "Is this fab or fug?"

Remember that scene in Mean Girls when Regina reaches the zenith of her freak out, right before the entire female population of Lindsay Lohan’s fake high school beats the crap out of each other? That was the first time I heard the word “fug.”

Jump to 2008. I’ve spent a lot of time on the Internet looking up shallow things on shallow Web sites. (You can’t spend all your time on the New York Times site, after all.) In my search for all things frivolous, I happened upon this little gem.

The content is not groundbreaking. It does not cover news. At all. (Unless you count live blogging about all the outfits better left in the closet on Emmy night or during Fashion Week.) But Go Fug Yourself is entertaining, and it’s a pretty effective setup for a blog.

They’ve got a handy little list on the right to use if you find yourself overcome with the urge to look at the horrendous wardrobe choices of your favorite B-lister.

The women who run the site, Heather and Jessica, often write for other blogs and Web sites, and they link to those sites on GFY. They write for New York Magazine a lot, which has led me to even more awesome time-wasters.

They just started Fugs and Pieces, a post every Friday with all the stuff they found that week that they thought was cool, but didn’t really fit into the traditional celebrity-wardrobe-rating theme. And of course, they’re using Twitter.

My only complaint is that sometimes their posts are a little too long and ramble on a bit. Each post has a handy picture of the offending outfit, so reading an extra long post is unnecessary with the tacky patterns staring you in the face.

Other than that, I really like the setup. It’s organized pretty well – you can navigate around the site easily, and they link to a lot of other sites that are interesting and relevant. It’s fun, current and they even have a book. The content isn’t exactly making me smarter, but GFY is a good example of a successful blog that draws in readers and keeps them coming back.


One response to “UB Fugdamentals of Journalfug

  1. Content: 4
    Thanks for teaching me a new word. You also managed to convert what could have been a silly celebrity post into an analytical piece studying what keeps you coming back to an essentially vapid site. That shows me you are thinking — and off-setting the loss of brain cells associated with following celebrity gossip.
    Great headline.
    Links: 3 The best link is to the other sites. Why link to their book? Or their Twitter site? I can find that easily off the main site if I am interested. What would be better would be to link to a similar site with a less-effective blog. Or another blog you admire on a different topic.
    That has value for me as a reader.

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