Journalism…Is it a Risk Worth Taking?

When you hear about a little girl being kidnapped from the mall because her mother wasn’t watching at that exact moment, you start to think. You start to think about the mother and hocaution-signw she wasn’t smart enough to keep her eye on her child ALL the time.

What about the story about the kidnapped journalist, who walked into a kidnapping because he or she needed to get the story? Do we feel sorry? No one wants to held hostage or forced to be somewhere they don’t want to be, but it seems like journalists are taking more dangerous risks just to get the story.

We tell our children, to be cautious when walking around areas they don’t know too well or even not to go into those areas. We tell them because we want them to be SAFE. If we tell our children this, shouldn’t we LISTEN?

Not that I’ve ever been kidnapped, but I’m sure being kidnapped does a number on you. There’s a lot of emotional baggage resulting from it. That sort of thing doesn’t go away once you’re free.

Yet, we let our fellow Americans take this risk. Newspaper Editors allow it to be okay as long as it gets them a great story or amazing up close pictures or first coverage. If you don’t take the risks, you’re not a “true” reporter. Is that a risk anyone should take? I vote for safety any day.

Now who is more ignorant, the mother who took her eyes off her child or the journalist who got too close to enemy lines just to get paid?


One response to “Journalism…Is it a Risk Worth Taking?

  1. Content: 4 Excellent thoughts, here. I’ve had them myself. Once I found myself in the middle of Yosemite National Park chasing down a serial killer. Killer liked 20-ish women. I was a 20-ish woman and instead of running from him, I was looking for him. After I returned to the newsroom, I wrote an editorial about the conflict. Remind me and I’ll tell you more about it. Indeed, journalists face terrible risks on the job. And as we discussed in class, cost cutting has also meant cuts in survival and other types of training for journalists. And more Web sites, anxious for a scoop, are sending young journalists out to cover potentially dangerous stories.
    Links: 2 These links are only so-so. There are many more great links out there. How about links to sites listing the number of journalists killed/kidnapped in line of duty? How about discussions on how to properly train journalists for war assignments? Think laterally. Think what interests you — then try to find it.
    Grammar: 3 A few little errors (editors), but overall, good solid writing. Watch cliches.

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