Difficulties in Learning and Writing

I am an aspiring creative artist and film maker. What does journalism have to do with me? shr0566l

I never knew my writing was such a problem until now. Sure, I knew that I wasn’t the most sensitive guy toward grammar, but I strongly believed I handled the faculties for writing. I think I missed class when my elementary school covered sentence construction. I could attribute my loss to my Attention Deficit Disorder. Well over the years, I passed high school and college courses without a concrete understanding of formal writing. How did I do it?

My distinct learning style is difficult to achieve because I only learn through examples, images and verbal communication. I can not learn anything, if I am confined to reading textbooks. My problem was obvious and in its regard my pediatrician prescribed me Adderall. All my life, I was said to be this little genius and now the revelation of my conception of english has proved that notion weary. My bad learning habits are perhaps ascribable to a poor education in primary and secondary schooling. I grieve as I read and struggle to catch up to my fellow colleagues; however, reading is not as effective as it had once been. Journalism now serves as a ticket to my understanding of language arts.

I love the English language, but at the same time I hate it. There is over a hundred ways of expressing a thought or an idea and when I express it, in the way I feel it should be expressed, I’m held in contempt. I have really good ideas on writing; however, I can not express them because thier illegal forms. I convey ideas in abstract form but in turn it exemplifies my abstract perspective. A mere justification like that could send me right back to second grade. I don’t know how I got this far in college without having learned the basics of writing.

Do these sentences mean the same thing? “to me this sentence is comprehensible, but probably not to you” and “for me this sentence is comprehensible, but probably not for you.” Which one is correct? “I told you, I had difficulty deciding” vs. “I told you, I have difficulty deciding.”  If I, in fact, had “difficulty deciding” after I informed you about it the first time should it remain in its past tense? This is how I think. Maybe I’m just pulling my own hair.

What I need is a language coach. Someone who will expose me to formal and artistic uses of english. My Journalism class now serves as an opportunity for me to get up to par with the English language.  I do like telling stories to my family and friends, but I don’t like being judged on the way I tell it. In this regard, I find Journalism to be counter productive. Until I have a firm grasp on speaking and writing, the status of my graduation date will remain TBA.


One response to “Difficulties in Learning and Writing

  1. Content: 4 Great post. Honest. On topic. Personal. I would use the words grammar and English in the headline.
    Links:3 I am going to give you full points here, but the truth is you went link happy in this posts. Links lost value when there are too many of them. Try to limit yourself — link only to topics that add to your post or take it slightly in a new direction. Don’t link to everything you can think of.
    Grammar: 2 Indeed, there are some big stylistic problems here. The best way I know to teach you is to work with your writing. Print out this piece and make an appointment to see me. We can go over it together.

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