iPhone for Verizon?

Verizon customers may see a new addition to their family this holiday season; the iPhone.

Some months ago, discussion between Apple and long trusted wireless partner AT&T had to be put on hold for Apple’s CEO, Steve Jobs, to undergo liver surgery.  The transplant was a success, but few could scarcely recognize the frail visage that greeted crowds at this years Apple news conference.

The focus of this conference was mainly the release of a new addition to the iPod family, however Verizon customers in attendance were still curious as to whether the new fiscal quarter would bring the iPhone to Verizon Wireless.

Before Steve Jobs underwent his transplant, the dialogue shared with AT&T was whether or not to renew their exclusive contract. Currently you can only use Apple’s iPhone on the AT&T network, but the contractual bounds are not the only thing tying the smart phone to America’s second largest network.

The iPhone itself operates on a GSM technology, whereas all Verizon devices are CDMA based.  In other words, if you tried to use the iPhone on Verizon’s wireless network it would be like trying to run Windows software on non-Windows based device.  The two are simply not compatible.

What has people so excited is that Verizon has discussed switching from the slower CDMA to a lightning fast LTE technology.  What does this mean for current or soon-to-be Verizon subscribers? Since the new LTE technology will be GSM based, the iPhone WOULD be compatible.  For clarification on LTE, GSM and CDMA, go here.

The iPhone’s market share has skyrocketed 375% since 2008 and sales hit nearly 7 million units sold in the fourth quarter of 2008.  Taking advantage of of Verizon’s untapped, massive subscriber base could also help Apple’s stock resurface from its recent plateau.

It’s tough to predict where exactly Apple and Verizon will end up in the next six months, especially since rumors of an iPhone on the Verizon network have littered the internet since it’s Launch on June 29, 2007.  Regardless of the rumors, conjecture and hearsay, Verizon customers wait patiently to join the wireless world of Apple whenever that day will come.


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    I warned you about the content, but you didn’t listen, so even though what you say is interesting, it is off topic and loses points.
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