What’s with these news reporters?

megyn-kellyNewscasters must be right; they get paid to tell the news. Right?

As I watch the news, I find it easy to absorb what I am being told and believe whatever the newscaster is reporting. They speak with authority and give direct details stating how events have happened and the repercussions of such events. Rarely do I question what is being said or believe that they could be wrong.

In class, we discussed how print journalism can be biased or incorrect altogether in some cases. I decided to take this a step further and see how flawed news casting can be, and how unaware people can be to this issue. Beyond the obvious flaws when news reporters mess up their stories on live television, I have noticed that they can also be ridiculously biased.

Fox news has given many examples of being completely biased on a subject, but I feel the need to focus on one topic. One Fox news reporter, Megyn Kelly spent six minutes rambling about Britney Spears new song “If you seek Amy.” She discusses how the song is obscene and says numerous times that the song should not be played on the radio. Megyn then calls on a panel to discuss the song and one member of the panel tries to explain that Britney Spears does not swear in the song and it is an embedded message. Megyn denies that it is embedded and insists she is right. It is best if you just watch it yourself.


One response to “What’s with these news reporters?

  1. Hilarious, Greg.
    Can’t wait until we start talking about TV news.

    Great that you are questioning newscasters’ bias and watching critically. Too few people do that. There are several scathing films about bias at Fox — one is I believe called Out Foxed. Let me know if you are interested and I will try to get it.

    Content: 4 The only way I would improve this is to end with a question rather than a link. That pushes the reader to comment.
    Links: 3
    Grammar: 3 (despite one missing apostrophe in Spears’ and one unnecessary adverb — ridiculously)

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