Their publicists must have been on vacation.

blog5-1By: Heather Hale

As if I needed another excuse to prolong the finishing of my homework, but now I have been introduced to the world of blogs in general.  Prior to taking this class I had only heard of blogs in passing, and had thought they were something that I would not be interested in. Not to offend anyone, but my thoughts on blogs in the past had been that it was just pointless commentary from people who had no other ways to get their thoughts heard. But my mind has been changed on blogs since I also discovered “Google Reader” on account to a discussion in class, and now it is something checked daily right alongside email.

I have found a particularly interesting blog that has had my attention since I first stumbled upon it. Letters of Note collects old letters and such correspondence and posts it. They have the actual pictures on there and because some of the writing is difficult to read, especially via the internet, they also type up what the letter says so it is easier to read. There are a variety of letters on there ranging from people such as Marilyn Monroe to Fidel Castro.

The one from a young Fidel Castro to Roosevelt is one that offers a glimpse into a boy who once seemed so innocent and admiring of the United States President that he sent him a letter and asked for money. In this letter he also offered to assist the President in finding the iron mines in the country to help the US build up their ships.  The letters offer a different peek into history, one that is more personal and not all facts. The words of these people are their own, and not what people have constructed their personalities to be. It brings the famous people of history back down to a human level as they joke and aimlessly throw out curse words, not concerned with being politically correct. Who is to say what insight the future generations will gain someday from possibly even our own personal letters/emails of today or our blogs.


One response to “Their publicists must have been on vacation.

  1. Glad the class has introduced you to the blogosphere and that you are having so much fun.
    Keep trolling. It’s a wild place.

    Content: 4 I would have liked to have heard about a few other sites you found though. Spend less time on the one site (even though it is really cool) and offer up one or two others (remember the magic of three).
    Links: 3 Good. I laughed at the PerezHilton site. Haven’t looked at that in ages. Still, it is a well-known site and doesn’t have much value for most readers. You might have opted for something less well-known.
    Grammar: 2 A few capitalization errors. I want to work with you on paring down your writing — omitting needless words, sharpening your prose. Print out a copy of your blog and come see me after class with it sometime.

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