The Best Years of My Life

kids playin bballBy Phil Genco

During my twenty-one years, I have heard the expression that, “these are the best times of your life” a lot. Although on all the occasions that I have heard people say this, they weren’t talking about the same stage of life. So, here are the best stages of my life so far (not in any particular order).

1. For some, college is their best years because of the freedom and experiences that you encounter once away from home and on your own. I went to a community college and lived at home for my first two years of schooling, so when I transferred to UB last year, it was my first time away from home where I could call my own shots without any parents around. I have met some great friends that have helped me to push my freedoms to ridiculous limits. Bus rides to and from south campus, bar runs on Tuesdays and other downright shenanigans have helped me to bond very tightly with my college buddies. With their help, I have ALMOST exhausted my motivation to be a rebel to the point where I have started doing things like my parents. i.e. cleaning, laundry, cooking, shopping…these are all terms that I have learned in the past year.

2. High school ranks pretty high up on my lifetime list. I went to high school with the same kids that I had been growing up with all my life, and for my group of friends, we were pretty inseparable. In college, you go to class when you want, you’re in classes with tons of kids (most of them you don’t know), and teachers don’t care about you as much because you are an (and I use this term loosely) adult. In high school on the other hand, you are forced to be in the building for nearly seven hours or else a truant officer will be hunting you down. I was in classes with all my friends, thus we would come up with the funniest and simplest things to make the time go by. Looking back on it now, we were pretty cruel to teachers, especially substitutes. That is one thing I hate about college, no substitute teachers! My friends and I used to run to lunch, leave class and go to the gym for ping pong and even made a rap CD and sold copies throughout school. We created some great memories throughout high school.

3. For me, I think the best days of my life are my childhood years throughout middle school. I lived close to all my friends and after hanging out at school all day, we would rush home after the final bell and change clothes to start playing. It didn’t matter what sport, we just played from after school until dinner time and after dinner until it got dark out. I also played little league baseball which I would give anything to play again. Our lives were so simple without jobs, bills, relationships or any other worries.

4. Before I started hanging out with friends, there was a period of time when I just hung out around my house with my parents and brothers. That was a pretty simple time of my life also where my biggest concerns were wrapped up in toys, candy and kids TV shows.

I wish I could go back in time to when I was a youngster playing all day with my friends, so what are the best years of your life?


One response to “The Best Years of My Life

  1. Content: 2 Very dreamy post, Phil, bordering on memoir. But the assignment is that the post has to have something to do with journalism. Still, I like the organization and the flow, so I am only going to dock half the points.
    Links: 3 Good — fun — would never have found that alone.
    Grammar: 1 Too wordy. Too many cliches. You suck the power from your words by surrounding them with clutter. Come see me and I can show you.

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