More Research Required

By David Jarka

T.O. is often misunderstood.

T.O. is often misunderstood.

With no Sunday production day for us at The Spectrum, I was able to sit back a bit and return to my usual watching of the plethora of NFL games at my buddies’ house, most notably, our beloved Buffalo Bills.

Sadly, as we’ve grown accustomed to, we ended up being disappointed with the Bills’ performance. What especially irritated us was the inability for the team to get the ball into the hands of our most prized off-season acquisition, Terrell Owens.

T.O. is notoriously known for his volatile unpredictability, whether it be mocking other players on the field or afterwards with the press.

Thus, when I saw clips of his post-game interview on Sunday, I considered his remarks and restraint as a sign of him trying not to create any additional antics.

However, former New England Patriots safety Rodney Harrison, who is starting is first season an analyst for NBC’s Football Night in America, did not see that in the same light, calling T.O. a “clown” among other critical remarks.

If it’s a reference to T.O.’s eye-wear, maybe I’d let it slide, but it was clearly not.

Either one of two things occured:

A) Harrison has an anti-Owens agenda and turn any opportunity he can to blow something he says out of proportion.


B) He never watched the game in the first place, seeing how Buffalo’s Trent Edwards throw numerous bad balls his way that were unable to be caught and that he did not try to target T.O. until later in the game.

Although at one point I did think that the media was over-saturated with T.O., I’m siding more with Option B mainly because Harrison is fresh to the game of journalism after spending several years dishing out illegal hits.

Harrison should really concentrate on doing his job as an analyst and actually watch the games he is going to talk about. I’m pretty sure that NBC has a room full of TVs some where that he can go and see what is going on at once, or heck just turn on the RedZone Channel.

So maybe instead of shooting off your mouth before going on air, maybe you should do some research that is required of you, Rod. Then maybe you won’t be ripped on so much on Twitter.


One response to “More Research Required

  1. David,
    Great headline.
    Content: 4 Cool topic. I agree. Much of sports commentating is like that, no? It’s part of the repartee among announcers. Supposed to make you feel like they are downing beers with you in the living room and chatting. But sounds like he was way off the mark on this one. Great that you picked up on it.

    Links: 3 You definitely took me new places.
    Grammar: 2 Your sentences are clunky. You could have much more power as a writer if you trimmed down. Try to say what you want to say with half the words. If you print out your blog posts and come see me after class sometime, I’d be happy to show you what I mean.

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