Media Study: Too Late to Turn Back

As a student, what happens when the department you’re in begins to crumble around you?  This is the question that’s been on my mind the past month.  For any of you fellow media study majors, I’m sure by now you’re well aware of the new chairperson that’s been appointed to the Department of Media Study here at UB.

This change of “mis-en-scene” if you will, has truly exposed our film and video department for what it is; a dis-organized, disjointed and overlooked piece of the UB puzzle.

In order to substantiate this, let me share with you a bit of my troubles with the department thus far in the department.  Freshman year introduced me to college, and to media study, by way of having my first class on monday taught by a stuttering, scared graduate student who I’m sure barely passed her speak test.  Sophomore year was littered with sleepless nights spent doing work set to be done by others in a group project.  Finally, Junior year had me dumbstruck and scrambling after a lost department application made it near impossible to register, much less maintain full-time status.

What I’m getting at here is an inquiry, not an inquisition.  Film is my dream and the reason I came to Buffalo.  However, those that sit atop the ivory tower and overlook Ellicott creek seem to have other ideas.  If you ask me, they have NO ideas.

If anyone else has experienced similar troubles, don’t let anyone stifle you. Speak up!


One response to “Media Study: Too Late to Turn Back

  1. Geoff,
    Glad to finally see you blogging. Please remember to include an image and at least one link per post.

    I’m sorry you are so frustrated with the DMS program. Come talk to me sometime. Maybe I can help direct you to professors/courses that better suit you.

    Content: 2 The blog is supposed to be about some aspect of journalism, which you do not include here. It’s fine to talk about your frustrations with your education, but include a link to journalism.
    Look at what other bloggers have written about film schools/media study programs and incorporate their posts into your post. Talk about how journalism and media study overlap, or how they don’t. ANYTHING that has a connection to journalism. Part of the art of blogging is learning to stay on topic. That is the point of this.
    Links: 0 Where are the links???
    Grammar: 3 You are not making blatant grammar errors, but your writing could be leaner. We’ll talk about ways to do this in class, but I’d also be happy to review some how to’s with you. If you are interested, print out a copy of this post and bring it to me. I’ll edit it for you.
    FYI: Your use of truly in this post is an example of an unneeded adverb.

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