Thanks a Million

bon qui qui

Bon qui qui attempts to define "rude" at her job at King Burger

On the verge of shoving my fist into a few faces, I took the more civil route and instead and shoved it back into my pocket. Of course, I wouldn’t really have started a physical confrontation but I must confess that the thought of it was rather tempting.

I was standing in line with the other members of my drumline as we waited to enjoy a banana split at the Student Union after a long night of practice. Instead, a group of at least ten people strategically threw themselves into our posy and somehow manage to cut well over 50 people in line without so much as a second glance.

I can’t say anything gets the best of me like complete and utter rudeness. Brought up in a family where “please,” and “thank you,” were expectations rather than options, I find it beyond frustrating when I let someone ahead of me off the bus, only to walk another ten yards and get knocked over by a 100lb door.

Let’s not forget about the elevator now. Maybe this is stating the obvious, but here goes. I CANNOT get off the elevator if you are trying to get on at the same time. It’s not a hard request. What about cell phones? I would consider myself to be pretty cell phone tolerant but is it really necessary to have a conversation about why your boyfriend doesn’t like the new lingerie you bought while I’m two feet away from you and trapped between 4 steel walls?

Call me old fashioned, but one of the first things I notice about an individual is whether or not they have these common courtesies. One of the first things that even attracted me to my current boyfriend was the fact that he never failed to hold a door open for me, and he still doesn’t to this day.

I suppose what I am asking, is, should UB require an etiquette class as one of their general education requirements? Perhaps this is a little more drastic than intended. Therefore, all that I am asking is that once in a while, say thank you when someone picks up the pencil you dropped in class, or maybe put down that cell phone while you’re taking your order at the drive-through.

And in return, I will continue to shove my hand back into my pocket.


One response to “Thanks a Million

  1. Content: 2 You went a tad off track here as the blog is supposed to say something somehow related to journalism. Certainly journalists are guilty of a lack of civility and perhaps the level of public discourse has slipped, so that might be a link in. But as it stands, your blog doesn’t relate to journalism in any way. Doesn’t make it uninteresting (hence I only docked 2 points) but it does make it off topic.
    Links: 2 (had trouble opening the first link — didn’t understand it.
    Grammar: 3 There are no real errors, but your prose is not as tight as in the last piece. Work every sentence over. You clearly know how.

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