After 30 years, Polanski finally arrested


By Nick Coluzzi

Oscar-winning director Roman Polanski has finally been arrested, thirty years after a warrant for his arrest was first issued.

After fleeing the United States in 1978 to avoid being sentenced to prison for the statutory rape of a 13-year old girl, Swiss police arrested the 76-year old Polanski on Sunday.

The gifted film director was arrested in a Switzerland airport while on his way to a Zurich Film Festival which is holding a tribute for him.

The five-time Oscar nominated director, whose wins include best writing for Rosemary’s Baby and best directing for Chinatown and The Pianist, has been wanted by the United States government ever since he pled guilty to a single count of unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor.  Before his sentence, Polanski fled for his native France and has lived there ever since out of fear of being extradited to the United States.

Back in 1977 at actor Jack Nicholson’s house, while Nicholson was not home,  Polanski reportedly supplied  a 13-year old girl, Samantha Geimer, with champagne and a sliver of a Quaalude tablet where he then proceeded to have sex with the minor.

Not only should Polanski be charged with raping a minor, but he should also be charged with fleeing the country for thirty years while trying to escape the warrant issued for his arrest.

Although this terrible crime happened over three decades ago, it should not be dismissed.  If Polanski gets off with a light sentence or does not get punished for fleeing the country all this time, the justice system has failed.  What does this say to all the other criminals?  That it’s possible for someone to commit a crime and get away with it if they just pack their bags and flee the country?  That sends a terrible message to the public.  Fleeing from a country to escape a crime one commits should not be tolerated.

Polanski needs to serve time for raping an innocent minor and fleeing the country to resist his arrest.  If this does not happen, the United States Judicial system has failed in serving justice by letting a horrendous crime go unpunished.


One response to “After 30 years, Polanski finally arrested

  1. Nick,
    Content: 1 The first five paragraphs of this read like an AP news story, not a blog. I hate to ask this, but did you really write this? It doesn’t sound like your voice.
    Even when you get to more opinion, the one you offer is terrifically impersonal. It reads like an editorial. Is it one? Again, it doesn’t sound like your voice.

    A blog is all about personality. It’s great that you picked a news story to comment on, but you need to explain why you think what you do. Include yourself. Why do you think the way you do?
    Links: 1 These links just tell me stuff about Polanski, which is fine for a news story, but not terribly valuable to a blog reader. In a blog, I want you to take me somewhere else. Take me to other bloggers talking about this. Take me to a rape victims site where it talks about how victims never get over the shame. Take me to a site where a blogger/journalist defends Polakski. Fire up the discussion. Create conversation.
    Grammar: 3

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