Triple Crown Tour

By David Jarkanews

It’s debatable on whether or not I should consider it a priviledge or signal that I should grow up, but within the last two years I have taken three separate tours of the Buffalo News. The first time was in the Spring of 2007, then around Martin Luther King Day in 2008 when I interned with and now this past week with our Fundamentals of Journalism class.

There certainly were many similarites to the trifecta of tours. Each time we spent the bulk of the time learning about how the newspaper was printed, spent a minimal amount of time at the editorial department (where the bulk of us on the tour wish they could have spent the majority of the trip) and nearly no time on the advertising floor. I also was able to see the grinny, huck-a-dory, face of Warren Buffett each time on the welcoming video.

To some people’s surprise, there were some differences between the three. The first time I went, we had no guest speakers come talk to us about what they do, journalism in general, etc. The second stint we were able to talk to political reporter Robert J. McCarthy and a photographer for the News. On this latest tour, we got food critic Andrew Galarneau.

Of the three, I would rank the time I went with as my favorite, as McCarthy and the photographer gave the best presentations among the speakers. I liked Galarneau’s prespective, as well, but hearing McCarthy talk about political reporting I felt was more interesting since I had not heard anything about that style of journalism previously.


One response to “Triple Crown Tour

  1. David,

    Content: 2 Good start, but not terribly edifying by the end. Tell us what you learned — if anything — this trip. Good that you liked AG’s presentation, but that is not enough to interest me.
    Bloggers need to feed their readers, not just give a quick summary of what happened. The post is dull, kind of like how you felt about the trip to the News. So tell me what excites or interests you next time.

    Links: 2 OK. But again, DULL. Fine to The blog you linked to wasn’t informative. Just your impressions of your last somewhat dull trip to the News. You can give me that, but then give me something else as well. This doesn’t make me want to come back and read your next post. Also, please open a new window for the links.

    Grammar: 3

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