Wanderlust Woman



I am the type of person that is always willing to try something new.  I constantly dream of visiting far away places and discovering things about different cultures and people.  It is fascinating to me that among these various cultures there lie unique languages, music, food, and values.  These are the things that I want to be able to experience in my life.  Journalism is something I am looking to so that I might have this opportunity.

Journalists have the rare chance to travel the world unearthing the secrets of a country and sharing them with people.  I first started thinking about this when I would watch Passport to Europe with Samantha Brown on the Travel Channel.  Running around in a foreign country trying new foods and finding the best places to shop seemed like an ideal job to me.  However, seeing as we can’t all be Samantha Brown, I began to consider other paths.

In addition to studying Journalism I am also an International Studies major.  With strong ties in the political science department I took an interest in foreign policy and affairs.  A family friend and her husband who recently joined the Peace Corps inspired me to think of doing more philanthropic work.  They blog about their life in Cameroon, Africa and the work that they do there.  Although it isn’t as glamorous as Europe, this couple is completely immersed in the local community.  Their stories represent the raw truth of life in Africa and all its grit intertwined with a lot of beauty too.  I hope to one day be able to see all these things and more and live to tell the tale!


One response to “Wanderlust Woman

  1. Content: 2 Starts good, but then you lose me. The post meanders and doesn’t leave me with much to ponder. I’m not sure what your friends blogging in Cameroon have to do with journalism. Do you want to do what they are doing? Is what they are doing journalism? Not sure what you are trying to say.
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