Visit Phoenix Online!

Ever heard of the University of Phoenix?  I figured it was in Arizona, right?  Wrong.  Its an online University where you can earn a bachelors degree in Communication to Software Engineering, right from your computer! They probably have an iPhone app too.

The notion that the internet is taking over newspapers is right.  It’s already taken the classrooms.  Especially colleges.  This class for example, is being taught not only on Tuesdays and Thursdays, its mostly through UB Learns and WordPress.  It not only complements the classroom, it enhances it.  Communication through the professor and the student is constant.

The same can be said for newspapers.  The internet is enhancing journalism and news gathering, making it up to the minute and extremely accurate, as it can be changed in seconds if possibly incorrect.  Which is why feature writing and opinions are the brunt of news on television because news has already happened an instant ago, or is in the ticker on the bottom part of the screen.

The print making of newspapers I believe will never die, but if so, The Buffalo News better find a buyer for that fancy 6-story press.


One response to “Visit Phoenix Online!

  1. Ryan,
    Content: 2 I like the way your post begins, and I love the last sentence, but I don’t quite follow the logic of the middle. Why did you bring up the UofP? Did you want to take a class there? Because it’s not what it seems? You can do online learning all over. Why did you pick that site? Part of the art of a great blog is keeping everything tight, related and specific. Your post missed a beat for me. You say the Internet is infusing classes and adding a new dimension to our class through UB LEarns and the blog. HOW?? What discussions are happening online that didn’t before etc. Also tell me more about the BN and what they are and aren’t doing. SHOW me news sites where there are good features etc. and 24 hour sites that cover news. Talk about the differences you see in them.

    Links: 2 The site didn’t add much to your post. You could have found more interesting journalism sites to link to. (see above) I know you are new at this, but readers won’t stay with a blogger who doesn’t deliver useful links that enhance/broaden/support the ideas of the post.

    Grammar: 2 it’s not its. Some confusing constructions and weird comma placement. See me if you need help with this. Lots of fragments. Fragments are all right once in a while for effect, but if you make a habit of them it becomes distracting to the reader.

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