Save The Trees (R.I.P. Newspapers)

newspapers-ripBy Chad-Cinque Taylor

I was watching I Am Legend this weekend, while procrastinating on this assignment, when a realization came to me. There is no difference between the monsters of I Am Legend and Newspapers! They both act as if they’re alive, not realizing that they are actually dead.

The newspaper is paper in a paperless world.  Being part of the Internet generation, I never leave the house without my cell phone, computer and iPod touch.  Point is that I haven’t picked up a newspaper since graduating from high school two years ago.

There are three things I simply don’t like about newspapers.

The first is price.  Why should I pay 75 cents for a newspaper, when I can get the same information online for free? Check it out—almost every newspaper has a FREE online version—NY Times, Washington Post, CNN, and even ArtVoice and the Buffalo News.

My second issue with newspapers is they report “old” news. By the time the newspaper is delivered to my house, the articles in it have been tweeted and blogged about a 100 times. News just isn’t new.

Third, it is too bulky and inconvenient.  Who wants to carry around a newspaper until they get a chance to read it? I sure don’t, and why would I? When I can just goggle my favorite news sites and find out what’s happening.  I can even get news updates directly sent to my phone through twitter.

The point is, the future is digital.

The world is moving into a paperless universe and there is no going back. If Newspapers wish to dig themselves out of their graves, they must embrace the millennial generation, adapt to the Internet and figure out how to make money while keeping the stories free for their reader. If not I heard there is an open grave spot next to Michael Jackson and Patrick Swayze.


3 responses to “Save The Trees (R.I.P. Newspapers)

  1. love this article, good job Chad….you actually broke down some of the reasons why its slowly become obsolete…not because people are getting dumber, but because we live in a new age, where news is INSTANT, whatever the newspaper prints out is literally “old”

  2. thanks man. I think thats the biggest problem with news. The newspapers can fix a lot of things but I dont know how they fix the “instant” problem

  3. Chad,
    Great post.
    Content: 4 Very readable. Clear. Strong sentences and voice! You even threw in a little humor.
    Of course, I could argue with you. I could say that some people still love the feel of paper in their hand, that some Web sites have become so popular they have started printing papers, that when TV came people predicted the end to radio and newspapers and it never happened. But I won’t.
    Links: 3
    Grammar: 2 ouch. Here again, we need to work. There are various errors (AP style ones, too) that you shouldn’t be making.

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