Keep Up With the Times


I realized after visiting the Buffalo News the other day, that they are in for a rude awakening. I do not  want to see newspapers disappear all together; however if they don’t keep up with the times, they are digging their own grave.

This digital transition is new to everyone, so naturally everyone wants to be at the forefront of the switch to stay on top.  The Buffalo News, however, doesn’t seem to be in the lead, second, or anywhere close to the top 10.  When asked if reporters post articles from their PDAs and smartphones as a way to be the first to break news, our tour guide simply replied, “Well, not quite yet.”  I’m not too sure what they’re waiting for.

Every major newspaper is currently attempting to keep their respective websites one step ahead of their paper, delivering up to the minute news, as well as producing the best paper they can. The Buffalo News seems to be putting their website on the back burner and hoping that paper sales will keep them alive.

Though it might have simply been because our classes tour was at lunch time, it appeared as though 1 News Plaza had been abandoned sometime in the 1970’s, and a few squatters stayed behind to fill up the bright orange seats under the wood paneled walls.


One response to “Keep Up With the Times

  1. Content: 4 Strong content. Liked the voice. To be fair, the BN is updating and many journalists there shoot their own video etc. (Maybe that’s why they weren’t in their chairs)

    They have been updating the Web site working to get more digitally -oriented. Can you find examples of papers of the same size who are doing a better job? That would give your opinion more merit.

    Links: 0 Come on! The NYT homepage!!! I explicitly told the class NOT to use that. BORING. I could get there myself. Show me something I don’t know. Show me a site like the Las Vegas Sun or another great mid-sized paper where they are really tech savvy.
    Grammar: 2 Watch cliches. There are three in the first paragraph alone. This flattens your writing. Makes the reader think you can’t think up own ideas.

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