I never knew people had so much to say…


People are hilarious, they are opinionated and they have things to say that will make your mouth drop.  At the University at Buffalo, the best place to learn about what people really had to say was on the last page of Generations magazine.  Last year I spent my Monday morning texting my friends to see who picked up a Generation magazine and asking if I could read it after they were done.

In one issue I could read anything from somebody threatening the person who hit their car in the UB parking lot, to somebody commenting on their annoyance with Long Island girls and their Ugg boots. Sadly the University at Buffalo felt that Generations wasn’t appropriate for a University and the magazine is currently not producing any issues.

Cheer up though, with help from the internet you can still read about what the world really has to say.  It may not be ground-breaking news but what people have to say on sites like fmylife.com, craigslist: rants and raves, and mylifeisaverage.com is capturing the interest of millions of readers.  The posts on these sites allow people to read the silly, goofy and ironic things that happen in everyday life.  Many of the comments are easy to relate to or are just good for a laugh. My personal favorite to read up on is “my life is average” because it’s less vulgar than the others and is very easy to relate to. Be careful though, you may find yourself becoming another everyday reader.


One response to “I never knew people had so much to say…

  1. Good post Greg.
    I’m also sorry about what happened to Generation. (no s). But it will be back next semester. Maybe you should consider writing for it.

    Content 4: Good ideas, started small with your own experiences on campus and branched out. You might have included more discussion about social networking, how Internet connects people who don’t know each other and lets them have a conversation. Online, you can post comments to people’s rants etc. Why do we love this stuff? What would it take to make you post a comment. Or do you prefer to lurk? Why?
    Links: 3 good. Nice that you added your fav site. Never seen that before.
    Grammar: 2 You got the title of Generation wrong, which is a no no. Pay attention to every word you choose. Try to pick stronger verbs and nouns and get rid of the rest.

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