The Costs of Labor


Visiting the Buffalo News station in New York gave me an insightful impression of its business policies and administration. I summed up what I believe to be infantile steps to pressing propaganda for financial efficiency. First, let me make this abundantly clear. I am not trying to condemn the Buffalo News paper; I am simply challenging the news station’s economic criterion with satirical humor and  solemn propositions of social reform.

It seems to me that the steps listed below occasioned the rise and decline of  employee wages and financial opportunities at our local news station.

Step 1: buy a building (A big one, so it looks important)

Step 2: hire a staff of muckraking-columnists and industrial workers

Step 3: pour millions of dollars into finding the most cost efficient newspaper press technology

Step 4: fire your employees. You have machines now…

The staff at Buffalo News seemed exceptionally insecure about the longevity of their jobs. They proceeded to insinuate the demise of the news station after all cost efficient methods are abandoned. The tour guide covered the history of production methods employed year after year to keep production costs down however, it seized to find one that  balanced the profound decline of patron newspaper consumption and the reciprocal paper-press expenses. Several employees affirmed that “People are just not reading the paper anymore.”

So how on Earth do we keep these expenditures down and newspaper demand high?Buffalo news claims to have been doing so however, its plan of attack has not yet seen the fruit of its looms. Fortunately, I have devised an informal proposition for fruition.

Cutting employment nearly in half has no positive outcome or impact! If your going to cut employees, cut the unproductive ones and hire a new staff. Employing applicants with edifying backgrounds, a neo-Bohemian sense of style and an Apple sense of technology would push the newspaper in a direction to refinement.The traditional conventions of newspaper style should  be dismantled and replaced with fresh reporting techniques and styles to intrigue  consumers.

Lets face it. Newspapers are not as convenient or nearly as entertaining as our iPhones. Keeping up to date with the latest technology, latest styles-trends and vigorous journalist  will ultimately reinvent Buffalo News in a way we can all embrace.

Reinventing  sale methods will improve the demand of papers if papers were publicized correctly. Buffalonians would first respond to said changes in the news  then run out to witness the evolution in newspaper press in which now shrewdly features  exclusive photos,  interviews, polls, and propaganda you wont find anywhere on the web but only in black and white. They will be called Buffalo News exclusives!

Lets ask the bloggers what they think is worth news and put their answers in the paper? How any of them do you think would run out to buy a paper and see their comments printed nationwide? Lets press  Michael Jackson’s obituary along with dozens of unseen infamous photos . I bet that paper would sell more in a week than in any other time because of the attention reform receives and exclusive propaganda sells.

Whats your take on sales tactics for Buffalo News?


2 responses to “The Costs of Labor

  1. You have some wild ideas and an even wilder way of expressing them. I give you points for thinking and trying to press your classmates to do the same.

    The biggest problem I have with your post is your prose. We need to work on newswriting style. The idea is not to sound as erudite as possible. Rather, the idea is to speak to the reader as if you were having a conversation.
    Think subject, verb, d.o.

    For instance, when was the last time you used these sorts of phrases while talking to a friend?

    “the profound decline of patron newspaper consumption and the reciprocal paper-press expenses,” “occasioned the rise and decline of employee wages and financial opportunities,” “I have devised an informal proposition for fruition.”

    Readers are not dumb and I am not saying talk down to them. Just write like you talk. Fancy words and cluttered phrasing usually indicate cluttered thoughts. Write simply and clearly and you will have more impact on your reader.

    Content: 3 Your ideas are good. The way you present them is somewhat hard to follow, but I give you credit for thinking and offering an offbeat way of thinking about the problem of journalism today.
    Links: 3

    Grammar: 0 Your piece is riddled with errors.
    Some seem careless like writing News paper. In other cases, I am not sure about your understanding of grammar (Lets).
    (See next comment — ran out of space!)

  2. In many cases, your word choice is so odd, I have no idea what you are trying to say. For instance:

    I summed up what I believe to be infantile steps to pressing propaganda for financial efficiency.

    I have no idea what this sentence means.

    You use the verb “to sum up” in the past tense. When did you do this? Today? Yesterday?
    Perhaps the future tense or conditional would be better: I will or I would like to.

    Better yet, just say what you want to say… The Buffalo News… (think subject, verb, d.o.)

    The phrase “what I believe to be” is unnecessary.
    Just tell us.

    infantile steps — clunky and unclear
    to pressing propaganda for financial efficiency

    I don ‘t know what this means!! How do you press propaganda? What is financial efficiency?

    Do you mean: to use propaganda to make money? Then say that.

    See me for more help or to look at other sentences.

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