First Timer

Many have considered blogging and I as inseparable with a relationship resembling that of childhood friends that have known each other throughout life. Abbott and Costello, Bonnie and Clyde, Miss Piggy and Kermit and Phil Genco and blogging.

Honestly, that was just the hook to draw you in. I figured if I built myself up as a seasoned blogger, you may be interested in what I had to say. Although the opposite is true as this is my first blog but not the first time that I have written for an audience.

Although, as a blogger I am just starting out, I actually do have some experience in the field of journalism. I used to be a sportswriter for my hometown newspaper in Jamestown, New York. In my time at The Post-Journal, I worked in the newsroom answering phone calls and writing up stories of local sporting events. Being right in the middle of all the action, I learned many of the ins and outs of the newspaper business. I listened to the police scanner for any unusual events going on in the area and also witnessed the process of capturing the breaking news when something like a fire or other tragedy was happening. Most writers had feature stories that would get done during the day at the Post-Journal, leaving only about three reporters, an editor and the sports staff in the news room at night. Every reporter was a photographer, and when a story was developing, a reporter would not only be sent out to cover the event but photograph it as well.

With our recent trip to the Buffalo News, I was shocked at how similar it was to where I used to work, only on a bigger scale. When I walked into the news room, the familiarity seemed to smack me in the face. The flat, cubical setting of the news room speckled with cluttered desks looked just how I had imagined it to look. The atmosphere was also unforgettable with a stale quiet filling the air, attempting to camouflage the actual excitement and hard work involved in making tomorrow’s news.


One response to “First Timer

  1. Content: 4 Good ideas here Phil. Like the humility and honesty. Like the link from your hometown to BN. Truth is, wherever you go, newspapers and websites look the same. Just a bunch of people at computer screens breathing stale air. It’s what they put into those machines and what they publish that matters.

    You ended a little abruptly for me. Would have liked you to pull one more thing from experience . Give me something more to think about.

    Links: 3 Good link to your hometown paper, although I would have liked to have seen a story you wrote. Also, you could have included links to other journalism sites or people talking about this topic online. They are out there. Your job is to find them. But since you are new to this, I will give you full points.
    Grammar: 1 Your lead needs lots of work! The idea is good, the execution is poor. Think about s,v,do construction. Try to avoid lots of clauses that clutter your thoughts. Simple words often can convey most profound thoughts. See me if you are having trouble and we can dissect your piece word by word.

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