Bad Grammar is a Curse

Unlike sleeping beauty my curse can not be lifted by a kiss but by my determination to fix it.

Unlike sleeping beauty my curse can not be lifted by a kiss but by my determination to fix it.

I have never written something in my life without spelling something wrong. The list of things I can get wrote in a paper can go on for miles. Honestly it’s something I am really embarrassed about. It might come as a shocker but I am pursuing a career in screenwriting. I know, call me crazy but I am passionate about being able to tell a story. I have tried numerous times thru out high school and college to nip this bad habit in the butt, but I just cannot seem to shake this curse. I have spent countless hours going over papers that I wish I can just write without having to do, five or more drafts. I know I might sound a little lazy but I promise you I am fare from that.

The bad thing about this is that bad grammar and spelling can lead me into a jobless life. The more I talk about it the scary it gets for me. One of the main reasons why I joined this is class is to sharpen up those skills that I’ve tried so hard to have but just don’t stick. Hopefully these skills will be imprinted in my mind by the time this semester is finish if not by the time I graduate. I know this is pretty sad for someone to admit but it is something that really bothers me and something I am dyeing to fix.

I don’t know what or who planted this curse on me but I am willing to work hard to break the spell. I’ve been told that the way I talk is the way I write, compliment or insult? I guess my writer’s voice really shows when it’s not necessary. This is something that is difficult for me to let go of when I write regular papers instead of stories. It is my mission to kick this bad habit and become just a plain good writer.  

I would never have imagined that I would be writing about how bad I write, but I wrote about this to get it off my chest and out there. Knowing that in class I might be sitting next to what could be another awesome journalist, I feel no pressure at all!

I have found it helpful to search “fixing bad grammar” on Google to try and find other ways to remember how to write a good paper without a grammar error. Also making sure I keep in touch with my professor about finding help with this HUGE problem.


5 responses to “Bad Grammar is a Curse

  1. I am not sure if you are being a comedian or if you do, in fact, fall short in the arena of grammar/spelling. Your blog is riddled with errors. It appears that the majority of them could be corrected simply by carefully proof reading the article (blog). If the intent of the article was to humor us with the misspellings, Bravo! If they are unintentional, I am sure this class will help. Good luck!

  2. I apologize. My post sounds a bit harsh. English grammar can be quite elusive. I would also recommend having others proof your work when possible. Often a fresh sets of eyes can reveal errors that are glossed over in the writer’s sight.

    • I never take any thing a professor tells me the wrong way. The blog that I posted was the honest truth about my writing and once again I always get something wrong 🙂 I really need help in this area, I want to improve, I have tried tons of time I think I just need someone to sit down with me and tell me what I am doing wrong and what I can do to fix it. I’ve ask a friend who is super good at grammar to help so hopefully that works. Thank you for your comments, have a good night.

      Thank you Teresa

  3. Teresa,
    Content: 4 Excellent. Brave and honest to talk about your problems with grammar. I would like to know more about your background. Did you never have a good grammar teacher? Were you not a reader as a child? What accounts for your problems? Try to pinpoint them.
    Links: 2 These links are a tad dull. Why not link to grammar sites, bloggers who write about grammar, sites I might not find easily myself.
    Grammar: 1 Points for trying, but yes, you do have serious issues with spelling, word choice and use. Again, come see me and we can go through the post sentence by sentence.

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