A Silver Sixpence in Her Shoe

sixpenceAs I stood on the wooden, chevron-patterned floor in my Steve Maddens at the Buffalo News,I felt both blissful and melancholic. I thought about the millions of workers over the past decade who also must have stood where I did; laboring away at a little piece of history. Mostly, though, I thought of the emptiness of the room and how, instead of being the center for the mass production of news in the Buffalo community, it was now a still, lifeless gallery.

Needless to say I kind of missed what the tour guide said…

Still, countless images in my head as a child of the hustle and bustle of a news station were suddenly disturbed, as though someone had mindlessly blown away the dust from its idealistic surface. I felt like someone had taken my Easy Bake Oven and replaced it with a Hannah Montana MP3 player.

Lost in my obliterated dream of what the center for news publishing must look like, grew a new respect for the old way of doing things. Countless times have I turned up the volume of my IPod on the bus or angrily searched for the TV remote (rather than getting up to push the manual button of course) without giving a second thought as to the evolution of things and, more importantly, the true cost of losing something old.

If someone were to ask me what I have learned on this field trip I might not give the response they would expect. With new technology, not only can I update my Facebook status while catching a bus in Madrid, but I can also say that this new found outlet has created various jobs, many of which friends and relatives of mine find employment in.

Still, I’ve made a vow to pick up that newspaper when I put fifty bucks into my tank, not only to appreciate a different way of doing things but also to take part in something old.


One response to “A Silver Sixpence in Her Shoe

  1. Content: 3 Sweet post, Brittany. Nostaglic.Would like you to enumerate more what you expected, as this was unclear. Most reporters were out on assignment, which is a sign of vibrancy. If they had all been at their desks (except right around deadline) that would have been scarier. Still, personal, sharp, shows me you are thinking, which is good.
    Links: 3 fun! Took me weird places. Would like to see more journalism-related sites here, but still, well done.
    Grammar: 3 Tightly written. Keep it up.

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