Print Journalism’s Bleak Future: Will Newspaper’s Be Able To Compete?

By Carrie

The future of newspapers?

The future of newspapers?

I never imagined that the newsroom would be that desolate. As we stood behind the newsroom barrier I couldn’t help but think, “Is this really what I want do?” Most of the newsroom staff was just sitting there. A  few were chatting over a computer screen but those seemed to be the photography and web staff. Everyone else was typing away at their computers, barely noticing the group of wide eyed students watching them work. The only journalist that really acknowledged us seemed to have to say something because we were literally standing in his way. His “this is a great profession!” seemed half-hearted at most.

I have been thinking about our class trip to The Buffalo News this weekend and I think that the thing that threw me the most was that these journalists do not seem concerned with the possibility that one day they will become completely obsolete. From what Andrew Galarneau shared with us, it doesn’t seem like Buffalo News journalists are eager to conform to the rapidly changing world of journalism. If I were in their position, which I may be in the near future, I would be anxiously awaiting the change and working harder to step up to the challenge. But then it hit me- They aren’t cowering under their desks waiting for their journalistic careers to end, or spending time taking a few classes to expand their knowledge to include  photography or web design because by that time they can retire and watch the rest of us fight and claw our way to the top. They are just doing the same thing they have been doing for years, waiting for the inevitable.

The journalism field is becoming one of the most competitive fields to get into, and we are the one’s that are competing. Those veteran journalists who have been doing it the same way for years will be left in the dust if they aren’t willing to work for it. It’s frightening to think about what is in store for us in the coming years, but I know that it is possible to succeed. I am certain that the boring old newsroom will only be a memory as the field becomes more fastpaced and exciting and journalists will be just as excited to encourage young people to follow their journalistic dreams, much like Jody does, rather than ignoring us when we enter into their workplace.


3 responses to “Print Journalism’s Bleak Future: Will Newspaper’s Be Able To Compete?

  1. I wrote this post before I read the AP Style reading so there are mistakes that I realize now. Oops.

  2. hey whats the assignment? is it to just write a lead and nut or is it to write a whole story on the buffalo news station?

  3. Content: 4 Great ideas here Carrie and you have a nice voice as a writer. We will keep that while trying to sharpen your prose. I will say, though, that you need to be careful about accuracy. The journalists weren’t in their seats because they were out reporting.
    Be careful how quickly you judge others. Many on the News staff are enrolled in courses and are learning to be mobile journalists. It’s hard to change directions after so many years. But many are trying.
    Links: 2 I couldn’t get your links to work. Not sure why. Check what you are doing. You need to check links after you put them in to make sure they work. Better that you are annoyed than your reader. Next time, I will give you 0 points.

    Grammar: 2 Some small errors — one’s, for instance. We need to work on tightening your writing. I will try to pull out examples from your paper work and point them out to you. You missed my speech on cliches. Your writing is loaded with them. Beware. Talk to me if you want to know more.

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