A torturous theme…

I felt a lot like Sir Philip Sidney this weekend… at least, if you quote the last two lines of his poem, “Loving in truth, and fain in verse my love to show,” that read: Biting my truant pen, beating myself for spite,/ “Fool,” said my Muse to me, “look in thy heart and write.” I started several blog entries that all related to other classes I’m taking this semester, but none that linked easily to journalism. Until I realized I could tie poetry to journalism with writer’s block–a torturous theme from my weekend.

I rolled away from the Albright-Knox Art Gallery on my bicycle Friday night with a notepad full of quotes and several UB Humanities Institute brochures eager to write my first Spectrum article. It wasn’t until Saturday afternoon that I got started though.

It took me three hours to write a 3,200 character article–that’s characters, not words! I could barely keep myself from

Me on Saturday (...if I were male.)

Me on Saturday (...if I were male.)

hitting my head against the wall like this guy –>

I’ve written eight page papers in the time that it took me to write that article! (If you ever find yourself in the same position, there are ways to beat your block. If those tips aren’t enough, try eating your way out.)

To keep myself from feeling too discouraged, I had to remind myself that I had at least learned something. I had learned how not to write an article. After taking a step back and relaxing, I wrote the article. I did have to do some final editing. (I’m still getting used to AP format.)

When it comes down to it, writing newspaper articles boils down to the same art as composing a piece of poetry.


One response to “A torturous theme…

  1. Ashley,

    Content: 4 Nice idea. Like the literary flair. Writing is, indeed, difficult, as many authors have stated. You chronicle your frustration well, but don’t help me understand how you got out of it. Did the words come out once you sat down? Did you like what you had at first or did you have to go back and edit? You lead me up to the creation of the piece, but then don’t explain what happened after some words came. It ended a little too soon for me.
    Links: 2 Good, but given your topic, they could have been better. How about links to writer’s block blogs, tips for writers who can’t write. That would be useful. You want your reader to find you so helpful, he/she wants to come back just for those links.
    Grammar: 2 Spectrum — needs a cap, no hypen.

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