When We look in the Mirror

looking in the mirrorI have never had a blog before today I honestly didnt have a clue about what I was going to write about in this first post, but here it goes.

When I wake up each morning before any thing else I take a glance at my self in the mirror. Today is the day I ask myself why? I guess I do it not only to make sure I’m still alive and everything is where its suppose to be but also to kind of ask myself: Im I happy?, What have I done lately to better my life or someone elses? Is this what I want for myself? the overall point of this is to see if I’m happy with who I am, who I have become and who I intend to be.

I find it difficult sometimes when I answer these questions. I start off with the normal things like, I’m a strong Latina woman, Im a UB student, I’m a suicide prevention worker, and I’ve lived in the same place for the last 20 years. I try to really dig deep into my soul to find things out about myself that I usually just leave alone. I feel like this is a good opportunity for me to see not only what I think but what we all think when we look at our self in the mirror each morning.

At the moment I feel content about my life and what Im doing with it. I love what I go to school for, I love my job and helping people appreciate their lives, Im proud that I can say Im stronger now and can honestly say that the only thing I dont like is this city I call a home.

I will always look to a mirror to find myself for a second, to alow my self time to appreciate who I am and to continue to remind myself that there is always a goal to fulfill.

Take the time to realize what your goals are, are you happy with what you have chosen for yourself? Is there any thing you want to do differently? Take the time to think about it, it really helps me figure things out sometimes.

For more on suicide prevention check out the Back Me Up! campaign in western New York at www.myspace.com/backmeupinfo

Also for more on lookingi the mirror check out this site http://www.cordiebw.com/


One response to “When We look in the Mirror

  1. Teresa,
    You are the only one who offered a philosophical response to the question, “Who am I?” and I give you points for trying. Your connection to the community will feed you well as a writer. Let’s use it in this class.

    Content: 3 You tell me a lot about yourself, but not that much about why you want to be a journalist. Your paragraphs jump from thought to thought and it’s hard for me to follow the transitions.

    For instance: Why do you think this is a good opportunity to see what you think and what we all think? What is the opportunity you are talking about? You say you like everything about your life but the city. What don’t you like? What do you mean you will always look to a mirror to help find yourself? When you write, you need to be as specific as possible or else you lose your reader. Come see me sometime if you want to talk about this in detail.

    Links: 3 Good. We’ll work on your lead-ins to links together. The idea is not to introduce the links, but to include them as part of the text. So you might say. Great works is being done at Back Me Up! (and then use the words Back Me Up! as the link) This makes it easier for the reader. I understand this is your first blog, though and I applaud your effort and gave you full points.
    Grammar: 0 Your piece is full of errors. There are NO apostrophes, to start. What happened? There are also numerous typos and spelling/spacing errors. Come see me if you need extra help with grammar.

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