An oxymoron at its best: Optimistic News


Maybe I am stuck in a world of fantasy. But after my fortunate opportunity to work at Walt Disney World my perspective on news has changed. There seems to be unfortunate circumstances and controversy covering the headlines of any given day’s newspaper. And while that may work for the Eeyores of the world, it does nothing to uplift the spirits of those who would rather have Tigger (the bouncy, loveable character that we all know) put his spin on the events surrounding us. It amazed me that during my training for Disney we were specifically told to avoid at all costs discussing current events with the guests in the parks. How incredible it was that the guests would step out of reality and into a world of happiness and play (until they got their credit card bills after their vacations). While my time and observations at Disney cannot occupy this whole post, it still stands to serve a purpose of what happens when people stop carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders and genuinely just smile and enjoy the precious moments with their family.

My career path is not one associated with Disney but nor is it with journalism either. I am studying to become an elementary special education teacher. Out of this course I am hoping to improve my writing, and hopefully use that someday to publish pieces about my future students, about the great things that they accomplish, their hopes, dreams, and reasons for everyday smiles.

One of my favorite songs is by Anne Murray called “A Little Good News” which shows that others want to see more positive things being talked about then negative. I can’t hide it that I am a news fanatic and do get hooked when a new controversy or tragedy is talked about. It seems that alot of Americans are the same way, and on top of the real stress that everyone deals with they also take in the worries from all over the world. But I would much rather read about a young boy with downs syndrome winning a race over in another country then read about the new claims against the local mayor that has everyone up in arms. Maybe I am wrong, but it seems that some journalists take events and try to put negative spins on them and find some sort of fear to put into the reader. Fears that are not needed.


One response to “An oxymoron at its best: Optimistic News

  1. Some good points raised. Elementary education is a marvelous career and America’s children need more dedicated enthusiasts like you. What we learn as children carries through into adulthood.

    Content: 4 points
    I like the quote at the top. Good connection with summer in Disneyworld. Great technique to make one point is to compare it to another. I don’t think journalists, however, only obsess about the bad. There are plenty of lovely stories in the world. But Disney’s attempts to sweep away problems along with every bit of trash in the park are not honest either.

    We will work on this together. I will give you the points this time.

    Grammar: 2 You have some misspelled words — twice you used then rather than than.
    Also, it is Down syndrome. If you are not sure of how something should be written, look it up.

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