Why should you care who I am?

College students, at UB and warmer universities, are all-too-familiar with the meet-and-greet process that saturates the first two weeks of classes.  It goes something like this:

“Hey! My name is John Anybody and I am a senior English/ junior Media Studies/ super-senior Culinary Miming major.  My favorite hobbies are sleeping, eating, Greco-Roman wrestling and brushing my teeth.  I listen to Rush and nothing else.”

Repeat that around thirty times, read a syllabus, then have it reread to you in a monotone, and you will have more than a general idea of what I’m talking about.  Therefore, I am willing to bet that the students reading this don’t particularly care about my name, major, year and especially my “writing career,” but, as this is what the assignment requires, you’ll just have to indulge me:)

My name is Nate Fulk, and I’m a senior English major.  This is my seventh semester at UB, and my first writing for The Spectrum; I am taking this class so I can have some idea what I’m getting myself into.  Now do you feel enlightened in any way?  Is this a story that you’ve never heard before?

Of course not.  Aside from their journalistic accomplishments, journalists are generally not the most interesting people.  At least not interesting enough where I want to watch a TV show about them.  According to The SBJ Code of Ethics, “The duty of the journalist is… seeking truth and providing a fair and comprehensive account of events and issues.”  In short,  we should talk about the truth, not about ourselves, nor the details of Geraldo Rivera’s moustache snafu.  I would rather discuss what’s going on in journalism than who is practicing it, but I’m willing to wait to do so, and I’m looking forward to it.


One response to “Why should you care who I am?

  1. Nate,
    Congratulations. You are the official class cynic. That’s about all your post tells me about you, other than that you are a long-time senior, an English major and at the Spectrum. Why are you suddenly writing for the Spectrum? Why journalism? As I said in class, I think journalists are interesting. TV shows have been made about them. And there are numerous journalists who are celebrities.

    You would rather talk about what is going on in journalism than who is practicing it. Yet, today, more than ever before, who is practicing journalism often determines what is reported. Great topic for class discussion.

    Content: 2 You didn’t tell me much about yourself, but you did provide clear insight into your character. You certainly made yourself stand out. So for that you get points.

    Links: 3 This is decent. Not great, but it’s the first blog and I am going to be generous since you did fulfill the basic assignment. You could have linked to journalists, bloggers, websites you like or that focus on issues rather than personalities. That would tell me something about you. The more specific, the better.

    Grammar: 3 No obvious errors. You have a good ear for sentence rhythms. We are going to work to give your words more bite by tightening your phrasing.

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