What do you mean I have no major?

Film ReelI was kicked out of business administration my sophomore year of college. I was embarrassed, I was ashamed, and I thought my college career was falling apart.Was I really one of “those people” who can’t quite cut it at a University? At first I thought maybe I was, but then I actually stopped and thought about why it didn’t bother me that I was no longer a business major.

The truth is I don’t care how the economy in 1980 affected the stock market. I’d also prefer not to know the difference between an accounting financial spreadsheet and a budget spreadsheet. I applied for a business major for the only reason that I felt it was smarter to choose something than to start my academic career as “undecided”.

When I should have been researching global market trends I was researching new films and analyzing how the director could have made them better. I never took a moment to think that instead of analyzing other people’s films, I could be creating my own films.

The summer before my junior year, I began researching media studies school and applying to film programs across New York State. Besides my dream of attending CUNY Hunter in New York City, I found that UB offered a respected Media Studies program. So here I am dedicating junior year to taking Media Study classes at UB and hoping that after this semester I can apply for the program and begin my college career the right way.


One response to “What do you mean I have no major?

  1. Greg,
    Love the way you start this blog. Clearly you have an instinct for leads. Keep it. Use it. Basic journalism training can be great for a filmmaker.

    Content: 3 I liked what you wrote, but you didn’t answer the question of why you signed up for the class. Why journalism? Why not some other media study course?

    Link: 2 (this is generous since this is the first blog) As a media study major you could have done better than that! What a boring link. Find me something new and different — your favorite indie film site, a film blogger you admire, the blog of your favorite director. You get the idea.

    Grammar: 3 No pronounced errors. Think about cutting out all unnecessary words.

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