More than words?

UB on AirI am not a writer, nor have I ever claimed to be.  Like a few others in our class, I am a Media Studies student who enjoys being behind a camera, whether still or video, and capturing events on film.

I have always had an interest in photography and in high school I was the only photographer for our schools newspaper and yearbook.  This meant I had to attend every sporting event in order to get pictures for both.  This is when I became interested in the idea of photojournalism.

Since coming to UB, I have worked at the Spectrum for two semesters as a photographer, mostly shooting sports, but occasionally covering events and distinguished speakers as well. After my second semester of only having 3-4 pictures actually published, I decided to try my hand at TV.  I began working at SATV, where one of our main Spring semester shows was “UB on Air,” our own news program.  Having no background in filming news reports, it was rather difficult to produce a good show.  For this reason, I was excited to see a Journalism class posted under the DMS course listing.

Though SATV is no longer around, I am still interested in learning more about the fundamentals of journalism and how they related to the media, aside from just writing articles.  I would like to know the best way to report the news, what kinds of pictures work best for different articles, and how to shoot a good news story for TV.  Hopefully these are all things we learn in this class.


One response to “More than words?

  1. Danny,
    Nice post. I appreciate your honesty. We’ll work to cover your interests, although we will be writing a lot.

    Content: 4 You answered the questions and made me remember you. We’re going to work to give your writing more zing. That means being more specific (tell me about an event in high school) and using more active verbs.

    Links: 3 nice links. I’d also like to see a link to blogs, websites you like, not just pieces you wrote.

    Grammar: 2 ( school’s, not schools, Journalism should not be capitalized and a few other little errors.)

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