I didn’t sign up for an English course.

Honesty is the best policy, the homeless environment way.
Maybe a little too honest…

This is also a DMS course right?  OK, good.  It’s too late for drop/add anyway.

I’ll be honest here, I don’t write stories, articles, books, or anything really that interesting (although I would love to.  Why I  signed up!), but I wrote this blog and I wrote up some homework last night, and that’s progress.  I never wanted to be a journalist, but if journalism is just the art of capturing behavior, then I’m a full blown nutcase for journalsim.  If you believe Stephen Glass (I have a hard time with doing so), then everyone is a journalist.  I believe being a student of art, this couldn’t be wiser.

Catching people in behavior is what intrigues me as an artist.  Being a student of both Film and Photography here at UB,  most of my work comes from just that, people in their element.  Journalism and Digital Media Study go perfectly hand in hand, like Obama and Kenya, (kidding of course).

“How could you make up characters of everyone you wrote about had to be photographed?”.  Media gives credibility to journalism.  The internet would be boring and desolate place without photographs, images, and video to give reality to a computer screen.  Television broadcasting pieces would have also never existed without media to show events happening live or have happened.

“And you know what, those kinds of pieces can win Pulizer’s too.” – quote from Shattered Glass.


2 responses to “I didn’t sign up for an English course.

  1. I agree. Journalism is much more than just writing, which is why I hope we explore other aspects of it as well.

  2. Ryan,
    For a non-journalist, you wrote a fairly powerful blog. I say fairly only because if you tighten your writing, you could add much more impact to your words. You don’t quite finish the argument you start at the top, and your end comes a little out of nowhere. Still, I’m impressed.

    Content: 4 Like the Glass connections. Your second paragraph (minus the last line) is lovely. A tidy bit of writing with strong voice.

    Links: 3 Great fun. Although a tad too much Glass by the end.

    Grammar: 2 You have several capitalization errors (photography and film, Internet) and we will need to review the use of the comma a little with you.

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