Chasing a Journalistic Dream

2007_12_nytimes Every time I pass in front of the New York Times building in midtown Manhattan, I feel an excited fluttering in my stomach.

I think to myself, could this be my future workplace?

Rewind to the elementary school days.

Everyone knew me as “the writer.”  I knew I was “the writer,” just not what particular category I fell into.  I experimented with creative writing for a while, and enjoyed it, but it wasn’t my passion.

I wasn’t really certain about my journalism passion until college started.  As an English major, I examined and analyzed famous works of literature.  Always an avid reader, I enjoyed this.  But I felt like something was missing.  I wanted to make an impact – and interact with others – through my writing.

Writing for The Spectrum, where I am now Assistant News Editor, strengthened my skills and gave me an instant taste of the journalism world.

And about the impact factor — I certainly got what I asked for.   The entire world has access to my stories on our Web site.

My internship experience blogging for the Christian Web site helped me to discover that I’ve got what my supervisor called “it.”  By “it,” I mean a voice — something to say. What excites me even more is that people have something to say about what I have to say.

It’s exhilarating.  Every aspect of journalism gives me an adrenaline rush, from hunting down my interview contacts to hammering out the finished product.

So that’s why I’m taking this course.  With the knowledge I gain from this and other journalism courses, perhaps one day I’ll stand in front of the shiny steel and glass doors of the New York Times building not as a hopeful daydreamer, but as a confident young woman with a journalistic career.


One response to “Chasing a Journalistic Dream

  1. Amanda,
    I love your enthusiasm. You remind me of me when I was your age. Keep it up.

    Content: 4 Nice lead sentence. Nice circular closure.
    Links: 2 The links you picked were boring. I could have found them myself. Don’t link to the Spectrum — link to YOUR article on the Spectrum. Tell us why you are proud to have written it etc. That is specific, new, makes me want to come back to you again. OR, link to an article about journalism that excited you or a blogger whose style you want to emulate. The revelife link was more interesting, but would have been better if you had linked to work you did.

    Grammar: 3 No clear mistakes. Style: We are going to work to tighten your prose. You could have shortened this piece by at least 25 words. But you have a nice voice. We will work to refine that together.

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