Changing The World, One Reader at a Time

A True Cultural Adaptation: Making Pizza!

A True Cultural Adaptation: Making Pizza!

By Carrie Maldovan

In my final days of high school, college felt like a whirlpool preparing to suck me into some deep dark abyss. It wasn’t the actual idea of having to learn at a college level- I had plenty of that in high school- it was the idea that I would be going to some place where I would have no idea what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. UB’s opportunities began as a blessing but as the day’s drew closer they became a whirlwind of opportunities all evading my grasp.

In my second week as a freshman, somehow, the proverbial light bulb switched on and I realized… writing is what I am meant to do. I was given the opportunity to work with 6-18 yr old Refugees from all over Africa. It was never so real to me what desecration these refugees were facing in their home countries. Hope Refugee Services was there to help them when they needed it.. but for some, they were too late.  It was the idea of immense helplessness that switched that light bulb on.

I’ve always loved writing- always excelled at writing… but writing, to me, is wasted on literary commentary. Don’t get me wrong- I love reading, I would love to be able to write novels.. but I don’t want to waste any talent that I may possess dissecting Joyce or Faulkner. I want to write about things that matter.  Without sounding overly cliched- I want to change the world.

So maybe I don’t have the most experience, maybe I don’t have the most resume padding, maybe I don’t even know where to begin. I hope that this class gives me some insight into how to begin changing the world- one reader at a time.


One response to “Changing The World, One Reader at a Time

  1. Carrie, I applaud your verve and energy. Don’t lose it. You can change the world. Keep at it.

    Content: 4 You answered the question and gave insight into your personality. I’d love to hear more about these refugees in Buffalo. Perhaps you could find a family to focus on for Assignment 1.

    Links: 3 Would have never found that site on my own. The article told me about programs I never knew existed. I’d like to read more about this. Next time, include one or two more links.

    Grammar: 1 You made numerous careless errors. (day’s, Refugees, desecration). Style: Watch out for cliches (light bulb went on, whirlpool sucked in, days grew closer, opportunities evading grasp). Writing is freshest when it is most original. We will cover this in class, don’t worry. We will also work to take some of the padding out of your writing so your sentences have more bang. You already have a natural sense for word order and placement which will help you.

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