Call girl

She likes using the phone. I do not.

She likes using the phone. I do not.

By Keeley Sheehan

I hate talking on the phone. It makes me cringe.

I had to talk on the phone on Sunday. A lot. Down at The Spectrum, we’ve been covering an incident involving UB’s Student Association president. The editor in chief interviewed him about the latest in the situation. He had been covering all the news about the situation up to this point, so he wanted somebody to co-write it. I volunteered.

I had to call, well, everyone that’s quoted in the article that isn’t the SA president, so it was a lot of people. It’s a lot of work to call people, form questions and listen intently while trying to scribble down everything they say in between the um’s and ya know’s. But for me, the hardest part really is just picking up the phone.

I’ve always been kind of a quiet person. I tend not to say much unless it’s absolutely, positively necessary. That’s why I like journalism. I like being the one asking the questions, rather than the one being put on the spot. But those dreaded phone calls… Those get me every time.

Of course, once I actually picked up the phone and started making calls, it was really no big deal. It’s always no big deal. But that half a second before I pick up the phone always makes me sweat a little.

That’s kind of why I’m taking this class. This is my fourth semester at The Spectrum. I’m a stringer for The Buffalo News. But no matter how many bullet points I add to my resume, there’s always room to go back to the basics.


One response to “Call girl

  1. Lovely blog Keeley. Hilarious photo. Wonderful how honest you can be about yourself. It’s not easy.

    Content: 4 Strong lead. Great second graph (minus the use of the words incident and situation.) I’d love to sit with you and edit the lead of that follow-up piece. Best way to clarify lessons of the class. Nice weaving of personal story with reality of covering piece. Good end — I didn’t know you were stringing for the News.

    Links: 3 Liked both examples.

    Grammar: 3 No obvious problems.

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