An Apple Every Day

fresh-appleI must have applied to Apple Inc. at least eleven times over the past three weeks before I was finally called for an interview. I frequently revised my resume and cover letter to help portray the Apple Enthusiast in me. In this way I could rise above all other applicants and flourish in the bushels of Apple products I dreamt of consuming. After I scoured through Apple’s Career web pages and molded the handle on my fruit basket to carry out my Apple intent I realized my application would never get the attention I so desperately craved. Every day I would check my emails, voicemail and pod casts, (They should broadcast job opportunities on those things) to hopefully someday accept my calling. Unfortunately, no calling was ever made because my phone number was incorrectly listed on the application. So after excessively changing my application and cover letter to the details of Apple employers, and of course providing a working phone number, my cell phone sings ringing Lady Gaga’s Poker Face into the ears of my fellow peers during class. No I didn’t pick up the phone right there but I did however receive the message an Apple representative left on my voicemail. He first provided me with a call back number and hours of business I could contact him between. He then explained how Apple Specialist titles lead to Apple Genius promotions in the near future. I went ballistic after listening to the  message of my Apple Genius calling however, before deleting said voice message the employer mentions the name of the Apple work site I would be working for….The Big Apple’s own Apple Inc. on 5th Avenue..”but im in buffalo” I squealed before the Representative could finish. My head dropped from the tallest branch of my Apple tree to the hardest part of the hallway’s tiled floor…Did UB Break my Fall? Or should I be in NYC right now shuffling music and videos on a MacBook Pro in front of Apple consumers?


One response to “An Apple Every Day

  1. Franklyn,
    Nice story. You would help yourself and your reader by using the enter key to make paragraphs. Unfortunately, the story tells me little about why you are taking a journalism class.

    Content: 2 You only answered part of the question. Tell me more about you — why do you want to work at Apple. Why did you decide to go to UB? What are you hoping to learn as a journalist?

    Links: 3 I liked the Apple jobs link. I hadn’t looked at it before, although I could probably find it easily enough myself. The UB link is weak and valueless. We all know that site.

    Grammar: 1 Your piece is full of run-on sentences, comma and capitalization errors. See me if you think you need extra help on this.

    Nice try on the apple allusions, but you took it way too far. This sort of thing is tricky. It works maybe once, but not over and over.

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