A Toast: To the Rise of New Journalism

A time to celebrate!

© Mikael Damkier | Dreamstime.com


Raise your glass and join me in saying a few words to commemorate the dawn of a new era. Just like ringing in a new year, celebrating the changes in journalism and media today, brings feelings of anticipation and excitement. Newspapers and other mediums used in journalism have all given way to the internet and ever-changing technology. News and stories can be shared by anyone through the perspective of their everyday lives.

Over the summer I had the opportunity to go to L.A. and talk with professionals in the field of journalism and other media related positions about the effects of such innovative technology on journalism. It was refreshing to see that people with experience far beyond my own were facing the same challenges that we as students are dealing with in new journalism. Questioning the relevance of traditional newspapers and magazines and navigating the fast paced online world filled with tweets, and RSS feeds.

So, what am I doing in this class anyway? As a student it is important to take a variety of courses to prove that you know how to learn. When it comes time for graduation and you have a degree to show for all your hard work, it is important to keep in mind that you never stop learning. Journalism, and any other field you may get into, will be defined based on what you decide to make of it. Creativity and originality lead to a great deal of the ways we experience journalism today. Maybe you will be the next YouTube, or Twitter.



One response to “A Toast: To the Rise of New Journalism

  1. Love the photo. Makes me want to guzzle.

    Content: 3 I like the lead, but you lose me partway. Too much vague references to journalism and technology and not enough about you. I still don’t understand why you are taking this class. Your last paragraph is choppy and doesn’t help me understand you at all. Who could be the next You Tube or Twitter? They are companies, not people, so what are you saying. Remember, in journalism be as specific as possible.

    Links: 2 OK, but rather dull. UBC2C would be good if I didn’t know all about it already. Better, however, would have been a blog you like or article about how journalism is changing. Twitter. I can find that myself. Show me people twittering about journalism or about something else.

    Grammar: 3 No obvious problems, but we will need to weed all technical jargon and lifeless words (opportunity, way we experience, professionals in the field of journalism etc.) We could shorten your post by 30 words. Fast-paced.

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