To Write or Not to Write

This assignment has been the hardest to do. I’ve been trying for days. In reality, it truly is simple, but for some reason I’ve had intense writer’s block. I actually came up with two or three blogs and was real close to posting them. I noticed, however, as I reread them, they weren’t me. So here I am at 9:25 PM trying to make this post my final version. Hopefully this is it.

Ever since I was little my favorite thing to do was to write. Anything. Anywhere. To this day, my walls have scribbles on them. Apparently, that’s not something you should do. Ask my mother.

Writing was my escape. I wrote stories, poems, letters, and sometimes just scribbles. I even blogged awhile using Pen and paper were my gold. Without them, I was nothing. I had some sense of what I wanted to be when I grew up: a journalist. I started to take this path, but something threw me off course and I ended up on a different journey that didn’t involve casting interviews. Instead, I was crunching numbers and using formulas.

Transferring to Buffalo changed all of that. It forced me to reevaluate myself and my surroundings. Was I really happy being stuck in the world of accounting and business? I wasn’t. Thus, I backtracked into the world of journalism, hoping to find some purpose for my future. I’m hoping that this class will do just that for me.


One response to “To Write or Not to Write

  1. Jessica,
    You used an old writer’s trick to escape writer’s block: write about it. It worked. You are clearly a reader and a writer as you have a strong understanding of the rhythm of sentences and words. Do you know what you are doing or is it natural?

    Content: 4 You covered the basics, although you shortchanged me a little toward the end. I would have liked to have learned more about your shift from numbers to words. Career changes are turning points and turning points are key to understanding character.

    Links: 2 Dull. Take me somewhere I can’t get on my own. Everyone knows about If you did write a blog, link to it. Or link to a blogger on you want to emulate. Or link to websites that talk about overcoming writer’s block.

    Grammar. 3 Nice job.

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