Journalistic Flashback

As I sat down in The Spectrum office on Thursday looking over an article on the then-upcoming UB-Pittsburgh game, I could not help but send myself back into a bit of a timewarp.

Part of my influence to get involved in journalism was watching a UB football game.

Part of my influence to get involved in journalism was watching a UB football game.

I ventured back to the fall of my sophomore year of college, when I was in the stands of UB Stadium looking watching the Bulls take on Syracuse along with 29,000 other football fans. At this point in time, a switch went off in my head that got me to start wondering “Wow, wouldn’t this be awesome to be able to cover this as a journalist?”

Although I did not seriously realize it at the time, but sitting at that game was one of the first moments in my life that got me to think that I wanted to choose journalism as a profession. It kicked off a series of events in my life that saw me switch majors for a fourth time and led me to that secret back hallway where The Spectrum resides. From there, I started to learn the craft from my favorite side of the business, the sports end, but have since tried on numerous hats as I now have come not just to like sports writing but love all journalism in general.

Thus, this article makes me feel as I have come full-circle. And by the way, UB ended up losing to Pitt this weekend in a similar fashion as it did to Syracuse in 2004.


One response to “Journalistic Flashback

  1. David,
    Good story. The telling is a little jerky (as in not smooth) but we will work on that.

    Content: 3 You give me the sense you like sports, but why writing about sports? Why not just watch the games to enjoy them? Why are you taking the class? What do you hope to learn? Good idea on ending where started. We will work on giving your words more punch.

    Links: 3 Good. Wish you had linked to a favorite story you had written, though.

    Grammar: 3 (although there is one run-on sentence)

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