Bridging the gap

By Chris Ryndak

I wanted to be better.

That was my goal when I finished my first semester at the Spectrum, UB’s student newspaper, in May 2007. I was going to be an assistant sports editor in the fall and I knew the only way to improve was to write through the summer.

So a few friends and I started the Goose’s Roost, “where procrastination and sports hang out for a bit.” We’ve been churning out posts about Buffalo sports ever since.

We’re fans and we don’t hide it. In fact, I’m pretty sure that our passion makes our posts even better. The blogging experience has made us smarter viewers as well.

Two-and-a-half years later, I’m surprised at how far we’ve come. We’re living examples of amaetuer writers who are invading the press boxes and blurring the line between the professional mainstream media and the stereotypical “out of their parents’ basement” blogger.

For just four guys with a sports blog,  we’ve developed our own section at and have been credentialed for several professional and collegiate sporting events.

We’ve been asked to give our takes for some of the top hockey blogs in the country and I was fortunate enough to be quoted in a cover story for the Hockey News this month. We’re close to gaining legitimate access to the Bills and Sabres, too. It’s amazing what’s become of our little pet project.

As I climbed up the Spectrum editorial ranks (wrapping up my tenure there as  the senior managing editor last year),  the Roost was always there to ground me and keep me focused on what I truly love — sports and writing.

As we continue to grow, we also continue to learn because we know there’s still a long way to go before we come anywhere close to our full potential. It’s been quite a ride.


One response to “Bridging the gap

  1. Hi Cris,
    Great post. Love the lead. Your writing has a nice rhythm. I don’t know if you do it on purpose, but you between short and long sentences with great flair. It gives your writing spark and works to emphasize points you want to hit. We’ll talk more about how to master this throughout the semester, but you are doing it on your own, which is marvelous.

    Content: 3 I loved what you wrote, but you didn’t answer the question of why you are taking the class. What do you hope to learn that you can’t learn on your own?

    Links: 3 Your blog is great fun. Lovely layout. Nice that you linked to it, although I would have preferred a link to a post you wrote rather than the top of the blog. I then clicked on your name to find your posts. Still, you could have written a few words about a post you were proud of then linked to it. Towards the end, you almost put too many links in. Beware of that.

    Grammar: 3 points.

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