A “Major” Problem

Writing is only one skill an English major attains here at the UB, click to learn more!

Writing is only one skill an English major attains here at the UB, click to learn more!

Random acquaintance: “So, what’s your major?”

Me: “English.” [add in polite smile and casual nod]

Random acquaintance: [pause…] “Oh, so you want to be a teacher!” [note the lack of a question mark at the end of this statement]


  • All too many times have I found myself in the scenario I’ve attempted to portray above. Even writing it seems to have my blood pressure raising a few mmHg.
  • I’ve always loved English class. While everyone else uneasily laughed at the closure of The Grapes of Wrath, I myself was fascinated with Steinbeck’s ending as I ferociously reread chapters to find connections between different symbolic entities.
  • I suppose that when I am in a scenario such as the one above , I am simply frustrated by this innocent ignorance. Why is it that no one comes to the conclusion that an architecture major must want a career teaching architecture?
  • Needless to say, I love this quirky language of ours and choosing it as a major, after deciding that the hell of being music major was simply not worth the agony, only seemed fit.
  • And so, I have led you to my reason for joining this class. Countless frustrating conversations have led me to question exactly what I want to do with my degree. In an attempt to answer this, I have joined this class in hopes that I will understand what I want, or perhaps what I do not want to do with the next 40 years.
  • Who knows, perhaps I’ll even like teaching!

One response to “A “Major” Problem

  1. Nice post Brittany. You have a strong voice as a writer. We will work to develop it.

    Content: 4 You found a fun, clear form and answered all the basic questions. You told me everything I wanted to know, except perhaps, what sort of music you play. Perhaps the next time. The intro could have been shortened to two sentences rather than two paragraphs, but it’s good that you are ready to take risks with writing.

    Links: 3 Fun! I snooped about shmoop for a while and got lost, which is always a good sign. Eng. dept link is dull, as is the About.com one.

    Grammar/Style: 3 Nice job.

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