With a little bit of luck…

I have always been a fortunate person. In fact, I broke open a fortune cookie just last week to find this statement:

Fortune Cookie You attract everything you need and most of you want.

As a first-generation college student entering into the second week of my sophomore year. I couldn’t find any way to prove the statement false. Sure, I had just taken a quiz in my Chinese class and missed at least five of 25 questions, but who’s really counting? When it comes down to it, I have what I need–food, a room, clothing, and GREAT classes!–and the ability to find what I want.

When I actually decide to narrow my focus and think about what I want from my life, it’s simple; I want to travel, to meet people, and to write about it. So, after two semesters of deep thought and deliberation, I was struck with the idea that journalism might be worth looking into.

That’s why I’m taking this class; I want to see if I can make journalism work for me. I have no previous experience, just curiosity.

My goal is that after taking this class I will be able to make a more informed decision about pursuing journalism as a possible career by better understanding what is expected of modern journalists and just what is in the job description. With a little bit of luck, perhaps journalism could take me to China or India. (I’m learning Mandarin and Hindi.)


One response to “With a little bit of luck…

  1. Ashley,
    Nice first post. A great effort.

    Content: 4 Strong lead and second sentence. You lose me a little on graph three. Why would you want to prove statement false. Instead, explain why it’s true. Do you mean you are the first in your family to go to college? Explain.

    You get back on track again in graph four, which is good. I like how you circle back to luck for the last sentence.

    Links: 3 I like the link you included, but would have liked to see one more (although the assignment was at least one.) The link is fun, but doesn’t tell me much about you.

    Grammar: 2 You have several errors with commas, the word sophomore should not be capitalized and 25 should be written in number form. We haven’t really reviewed this, I know, but do try to look online at AP style or buy the AP style manual. I’m sure the Spectrum has one.

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