Do you get to interview Kofi Annan? I do. Join The Spectrum.

Even giant bananas love The Spectrum (p.s. it's me).

Even giant bananas love The Spectrum (p.s. it's me).

My name is Ren LaForme and I am currently the senior managing editor for The Spectrum, the only independent student publication at UB.

Writing for The Spectrum changed my life. Two years ago I was a C-average psychology major with no plan for the future. Now, I’m still a C-average psychology major, but I have ambitions, experience and a thorough understanding of AP style. However, I believe that nobody is ever done learning – so I am taking this class to further my ambitions and broaden my experiences.

Now that I hold a position of influence at The Spectrum, I am working with my peers towards improving the paper. We are currently in the midst of a complete layout overhaul and we are shifting our focus to adapt to new technology. For instance, this year we created a new Web site with Facebook account integration and we instituted a Twitter account.

I encourage all students who are interested in journalism to give The Spectrum a whirl. You can join by signing up for ENG 396 section SPC for the spring semester or by visiting our office at 132 Student Union.

The Spectrum has been serving the UB community for 59 years. Did you know that Tom Toles, the Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist from the Washington Post, is a Spectrum alumnus? Or that Ben Cady, managing editor at The Spectrum from 2004-05, is Governor David Paterson’s speechwriter?

I can guarantee that if you join The Spectrum, you will leave with a more thorough understanding of the journalism field, a deeper insight into the University at Buffalo community and some fun stories.

I’ll share some of those stories with you next time…


One response to “Do you get to interview Kofi Annan? I do. Join The Spectrum.

  1. Ren,
    Your post is good until the fourth paragraph, where it morphs into a goofy ad for the Spectrum. What were you thinking?

    Content: 2 You packed a lot into the first three paragraphs. Think about how much tighter your post could have been if you had started with, “Two years ago I was…” That is your single best sentence of the post.

    Wish you had elaborated more on why you found working at the Spectrum, reporting etc. so captivating. Also wish you had explained what you exactly you hope to learn by taking a fundamentals class. Do you want to better your writing or reporting skills? What do you see as your own strengths and weaknesses? You get the idea.

    Links: 3 The best link is the Twitter one, although I could have easily gone to that myself. Linking to the Spectrum site is too general, as clearly, we all know what Spectrum is. Better would be an article you wrote and are proud of. Or an edition you considered especially strong that you helped create. Still, given you put in so many, I will give you full points this time.

    Grammar: 3 No obvious errors.

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