WordPress Tutorials

I have spent the past hour scouring the Web for WordPress.com tutorials. It probably would have taken me less time to write my own.

Try these, then start playing around on your own. The best way to find out about technology is to use it.

The good thing about WordPress is you can always delete. Until you post, no one sees what you have written except you.

Use the “Preview” button to see what your post will look like before you post.

Here’s what I found found for free:

  • lynda — This is a GREAT site for tutorials. It costs $25/month. You could sign up for one month and use the WordPress tutorials (which last about 5 hours, I think) and as many others as you can fit in.
  • wp101 — Shawn Hesketh, veteran web designer and blogger, offers 13 tutorial videos on WordPress. It costs $39. You can get the first two free.

If you get to the end of these and still don’t understand WordPress, don’t stress.

I will do a troubleshooting tutorial on Thursday after class in my office. If you can’t make it,  we can set up an individual appointment for you.


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